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Picture this: it's a normal Saturday night and instead of going out to party like all other college students during the summer, you went to your friend's house to have dinner and s'mores. Your friends are fans of superhero movies, but they just don't know everything you know about these movies. Before dinner starts, you flip through a few channels and land yourself on the 2007 film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. Seven minutes in you see something that makes you so confused and excited all at once, but you can't share it with the people around you because they just won't get it.

That happened to me last night. I just sat there unable to process what I just saw and couldn't to figure it out until later. Let me show you what I saw about seven minutes after the movie started.

Yes, that does just look like the BvS poster
Yes, that does just look like the BvS poster

I couldn't process my thoughts quick enough or say anything quick enough, because just as quickly as it was shown it disappeared. I didn't get my friends to pause it. So I found the scene online, rewatched it, and paused it right here.

Naturally, I had to know more. First, I went to the I Am Legend and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice respective IMDb pages hoping to find some correlation between directors or something. To say the least, that brought me nowhere fast.

The only correlation I could find between these two movies was Will Smith, and he isn't even going to be in Batman v. Superman, he's going to be in Suicide Squad which only happens to be in the same cinematic universe. And going to that IMDb page also got me nowhere.

I was becoming slightly agitated and a little dejected until I found this gem:

Basically, what I gathered from this is that Warner Bros. is way smarter than we all thought. This has been in the works since 2001. And more often than not, when movies like this are put off for so long, that means they've got something awesome planned and finally have the script working just right.

Also, the Joker is probably going to be the spark that starts the conflict between Batman and Superman. The original script called for the Joker to kill Batman's fiancee. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the Joker is probably going to kill Jason Todd. Batman will probably freak out. And Superman will probably have to step in.

A lot of people already knew about this Easter Egg, but not everyone. So I'm here to share it again and hopefully inform all the people who didn't already know about it. And for those of you who already knew, hopefully get you thinking about what it might mean for Batman v. Superman.

Did I Am Legend predict the future? Will Jason Todd die in Batman v. Superman? Does this Easter Egg say anything else for the upcoming movie?


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