ByLaurie Strode, writer at

Is it me or all the fun movies came out on the year I was born.

A soft core sex comedy about a wise cracking singing pussy yeap you read right and a movie I find very enjoyable. As our young lead actress have to deal with a talking pussy.

The movie begins with her making out with her boyfriend but talking pussy just bad mouth her man sexual performance and he gets mad and walks out.

As the movie progress she sees a doctor and about a talking pussy and he decides to make her talking singing pussy famous on performing shows around the states. While her pussy also needs some action the sex scenes are not hardcore as this is not really porn. Is more softcore and she does get naked a lot at least.

When it comes to the final as she got tired of the talking pussy taking control of her sex life and the fame she gotten it comes to the final straw.

If she will end it once and for all or not.....


If you are into sex comedy of the 70's and the style of brand there deliver I say check it out. Speaking for me I did enjoy it and that talking smart ass pussy of hers.

Also check the video version of this review on my youtube channel here is the link below.


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