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When a comic company chooses to make a weekly series, there are some essential things that they must follow. It's pretty much the basic rules. First, there needs to be a overall storyline that must be adhered to and then minor storylines must be created coming out of the major storyline. Second, there must be characters that we can relate to, since we are going to be reading about these characters on a weekly basis. Third, there must be a "big bad" that gets discovered at the mid-point of the series and then all the storylines must get connected. Fourth, there must be closure for all the characters and storylines by the end. Fifth, and most important, there must be some type of effect that the weekly series had so that the readers feel that following this series for a weekly basis for who knows how long feel that the story actually accomplished something. How in the world did Wolverines fail in almost all of those things?

At the start of this series, there was an overall storyline that seemed to be developing, but it got lost in a mess of weakly written and drawn comics. But, the overall purpose was the treachery of Mystique and how she was able to manipulate the cast that was in the comic. But, after a while, the comic tailspinned and brought other characters into the fray and we were left wondering what the comic was even supposed to be about. Last week, we learned that the purpose of everything was that Mystique wanted to bring back Destiny. Everything that had happened up until this point was Mystique getting all the pieces in place to bring back her friend. But, the joke was always on her and in a homage to "Back to the Future Part 2", Destiny was actually pulling the strings all along to resurrect someone else. But, by the end of this caper, we are left with no payoff at all. It seemed that after 20 weeks, and mindless one-shots and mini-series, nothing at all got accomplished. A boring series became a total waste of time. With Secret Wars now taking front and center, we have to assume this comic series will really fall in the backburner. Such a shame because at one point, this had potential but fell apart way to quickly. I give this issue a 4 out of 10, and the overall weekly series a 4 out of 10 also.


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