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For roughly a year, the DC universe was trapped in a weekly series known as Futures End. In the story, Brother Eye had taken over the future and Batman Beyond was sent back in time to prevent this from ever happening, but, he failed. Terry had died along the way(at the hands of a Joker/Batman hybrid machine), and the costume had been handed off to Tim Drake(aka Red Robin) who everyone already thought was dead, so the timeline couldn't be wrecked. The new Batman Beyond had thought he won, but he actually failed in his mission, and upon returning to the future,saw that Brother Eye was everywhere already and the world was in ruins. Now, we are at the continuation of that story in a new Batman Beyond comic that is written by Dan Jurgins.

First, people are going to be very annoyed with this comic if they hadn't read Futures End, because it is not "new reader friendly". If you never read that set, prepare to be lost and confused by page 1,and they never even bother to give you a quick recap either. In addition, fans are going to be annoyed over the idea that Tim is now Batman as opposed to fan favorite Terry, who alot of people feel died in a manner that didn't serve any purpose at all. But, we need to look past that and see a comic that displays alot of character development in just the first issue and shows where this comic might be heading. We have to have faith in Dan Jurgans, who is an incredible writer that he might be able to steer this ship properly and take us on an incredible journey that will not make us forget about Terry, but might make us move on from him. "Batman Beyond" #1 is an excellent re-introduction to a once largely benign character that makes a convincing case towards a maintaining a regular role in both the Batman cast as well as the larger DC Universe. There is also a cliffhanger ending in this issue that will display where Batman may fit into the overall new DC universe and the future of the comic industry. If you're looking for closure from Futures End, then you should read this book. If you're looking for Batman Beyond because you were a fan of the TV show, then give this book a shot but change your expectations quickly. It's a new ride. I give this book a 6 out of 10.


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