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In the 1980's, Chris Claremont delivered to us a future where the X-men were hunted and kept in areas where they couldn't do any more harm. The issues were displayed and it showed concepts that were seen in World War 2. A world where people were being held against their will because of who they are. A world where survival was at an all time low and the number of mutants were dropping quickly. A world where it may have been better to be placed in a prison then to see what might happen to you in the outside world. This was Days of Future Past, and it was seen as an epic in the X-men universe. Now, we are entering it again in the midst of Battleworld and Secret wars. We are entering a region where the mutants are still being hunted because of who they are. A world where everyone must wear a letter on their shirt to show if they are mutant of human(or an anomoly). The stakes are high yet again and none more then their own survival.

Years of Future Past captures the classic feel and fun of Claremont-era X-Men. We get a world where it's best to run outside and see what can be found but at the same time, pretending to be a coward to save your own life. The mutants have been held in camps for years now, and they have chosen now as the proper time to escape and show that they are back. But, as is the goal of most medias these days, fear helps to keep the mutants in check. And, what better way to generate fear then with a public showing of what mutants can possibly do. Characters that we saw years and years ago are back again. We get to see Kitty and Colossus and their child, who is a new character in this story by the name of Chrissie. Chrissie has potential to be a lasting character in the future of the Marvel universe if she survives this storyline. Battleworld is mentioned throughout this comic, but the creative team makes it quite clear this is an X-Men comic, filled with uneasy predicaments, interpersonal challenges and a cliffhanger that promises to increase the threat level set to arrive in the next issue. "Years of Future Past" #1 packs promise in with a strong premise, and the creative crew of this book certainly makes it worth checking out. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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