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Military bases and facilities, especially top secret bases, are some of the world's most frequent sites for reported UFO activity. We take a look at some of the most secretive bases bases in the US and the conspiracies behind them.


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is one of the more controversial and mysterious military projects in recent history. Fringe theories range from the facility being used to test electromagnetic "mind control" signals to it being the Homebase of geoengineering and weather modifying technology. Others claim they are working on holographic technology that can be used to beam images into the sky. A rash of mysterious humming and booming sounds in the region have also been attributed to HAARP activity. All that can be said for certain about HAARP is that there is some very strange "research" going on there that is directly applicable to defense systems.

9. Dugway Proving Grounds

The Dugway Proving Grounds in Tooele, Utah is a testing facility for military hardware and is the size of Rhode Island. There have been 60 years of reports suggesting this is the home of next-generation weapons systems, secret aircraft, particle beams and much more. Perhaps the most salient feature of this site is the 48,000-square-foot Reginald Kendall Combined Chemical Test Facility, where chemical warfare detection devices are tested.


The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a hollowed out mountain in Colorado Springs that keeps track of everything in outer space and all planes in the North American airspace. This is the home of NORAD. It provides a constant stream of information, including the 24/7 whereabouts of the President and Vice President. In the event of a nuclear war, 800 personnel could survive in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex for 30 days completely cut off from the outside world.

7. Raven Rock, Site R

The Raven Rock Alternate Command Center, or “Site R," is the location from which U.S. forces would be commanded in the event of World War III or a nuclear war. Like Cheyenne, it is designed to be self-sufficient for 30 days after a nuclear attack. There are some reports that a 6 mile tunnel connects it to Camp David. It is also worth noting that cell phones and GPS devices do not work near Site R.

6. Area 51

Area 51 is simultaneously one of the most clichéd and most enigmatic subjects in American popular culture and has been since the Roswell incidents in the late forties. It begs the question: how could so little be known about something that is talked about so much?

It’s almost certain the U.S. government is engaged in some high-level covert technological experiments. Ostensibly, this includes any of the following: alien experimentation, reverse engineering of alien spaceships recovered from Roswell, alien interbreeding, quantum teleportation, advanced artificial intelligence, high tech propulsion systems and time travel. The most recent theory supposes that whatever was taken to Area 51 from Roswell actually concerned a failed Soviet experiment.

5. Fort Detrick

Fredrick, Maryland was the home selected for America's first biological warfare program, signed into existence by President Roosevelt in 1942. In the 1950s and '60s, scientists from Fort Detrick, along with the US Navy, conducted six experimental warfare attacks on San Francisco to test the general population's vulnerability to germ agents. Over eight days, a ship moving alongside the shoreline of the bay released a massive clouds of two different supposedly non-pathogenic germs that were deemed “realistic simulants that might be used in an attack.”

4. Hangar 18

Home to Project Blue Book and the infamous Hangar 18, the Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton, Ohio is yet another hub for conspiracy theories. What we know for sure goes on there is aviation technology research, and with 22,000 people employed and 6,000 personnel and their families living on-base. However, there is a large contingency that believes that after the Roswell crash, much of the wreckage of the UFOs and the alien bodies were taken to WPAFB and stored in a facility that came to be known as Hangar 18. An alternate, possibly more realistic explanation is that the CIA and Air Force used the flying saucer phenomenon and Project Blue Book as a disinformation campaign to cover up sightings of the U2 and SR-71 spy planes.

3. Mount Weather

Mount Weather is another “above top secret” military base that is cocooned within a hollowed out mountain, this time in Berryville, Virginia. There was a time when this facility was the biggest secret since the Manhattan Project. Like many other top secret military bases, Mount Weather is tasked with protecting military elite in the event of a major disaster. This one is perhaps the ultimate bomb shelter. During the September 11, 2001 attacks, many high level officials, including Vice President Cheney, took refuge here. It has long been rumored that this military base hosts officials and commanders from an alternate chain of command, a parallel government, that would take over in the event that the entire presidential line of command is killed.

2. Plant 42

There's a fair chance that every top secret U.S. aircraft of the last four decades has been built 60 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Plant 42 is in Palmdale. Spread out over 5,800 acres, Plant 42 is highly securitized. In fact, if you even park on a street adjacent to the outermost edge you are likely to get harassed by law enforcement. It has been said that anything that is flown at Area 51 is built at Plant 42.

1. The Dulce Base

This is the only base listed here that may not exist. According to conspiracists, Area 51 has just been a smokescreen for where the real above top secret experiments have been taking place. However, the government does not formally acknowledge the existence of the base and no one has been able to produce substantial proof of the aliens that exist there, though some have tried.

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