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There have been rumors lately of Blade getting his own Netflix series, and because of these rumors, I've started brainstorming actors I would want to play the part. While Hollywood is filled with plenty of actors who could play the part, I've managed to narrow it down to a top ten. (P.S. I don't care about an actors "status" in Hollywood, I've chosen actors that I think could play the part well whether or not they're "too big" for a Netflix series). So let's get started....

1. Common

Common is my ideal actor for Blade. He has the beard, he reminds me of Wesley Snipes, and there's at least a chance he would go for a Netflix series. I can't say much about Common as an actor though, because most of the roles I've seen him in he hardly had speaking parts. He was cast to play Green Lantern in a 2007 Justice League movie that never got made, however, so I think if he was cast as another superhero of that status he could play Blade.

2. Tyrese Gibson

One of the biggest rising action stars today, Gibson would be wonderful as Blade. He defiantly has the acting skills, and I think that him being cast would make everyone happy.

3. Boris Kodjoe

Although Boris Kodjoe has had hardly any action roles, the Resident Evil star has the look. Kodjoe hasn't struck it big with action roles, but I think Blade could be his gateway. Doing mostly TV, I think he would be open to doing a Netflix series as well.

4. Will Smith

Come on, Will Smith can play anything! If he got cast in the role of Blade, he could make the role his and we would never think of Blade the same way again. This same feature I'm sure we'll see in Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but we'll have to wait and see.

5. Michael Jai White

This actor/martial artist is another ideal actor for Blade. Granted he hasn't done much in his acting career as of late, but that could work in our favor. With White not having done much since Spawn, it would be likely that he would take a Netflix role that came his way. Even though he's a little older, he could defiantly give us a Blade we won't forget.

6. Harold Perrineau

Harold is the person I would most want to play Blade in a Netflix series. Every actor thus far might be better suited to play Blade in a movie, but Harold belongs on Netflix. Don't get me wrong, he's an amazing actor, and I love almost all the roles he played, but he's not a very famous actor. Chances are you know his face from somewhere, and maybe his name, but he hasn't done any real notable characters in movies. Blade could be his perfect chance for people to give him some recognition.

7. Chiwetel Ejiofor

Did I spell his name right? Eh, close enough. I'm sure you know this guy by now, not just from his face or crazy hard to pronounce name, but from his amazing roles. Now, C.E. (That's how I'll refer to him) doesn't look or act much like Blade, but I'm convinced that if you gave this man any role he'll nail it. That's how much of a phenomenal actor he his. Make him lose the British accent, give him a sword, and let him kill some vampires. I guarantee he'll kick the role's ass.

8. Denzel Washington

Denzel (Can I call you Denzel? I don't know, I'll play it safe). Mr. Washington would be the prime candidate on this list if he was at least 10 years younger. He's 60 years old right now, and don't get me wrong, he's in amazing shape. But the thing is, do we want an actor that old to play Blade? Mr. Washington was looking good for a while, but the years are starting to pile on a little bit. Granted Mr. Washington did a role that to me resembled Blade a lot in The Book of Eli, and nailed it, but age could defiantly be a factor. I'm certainly not badmouthing Mr. Washington, and I defiantly don't mean any disrespect to him or any of his fans, but his age could be a problem. But, his age would be the only problem.

9. Michael Ealy

It really sucks that only the comedy roles Ealy has taken have gotten famous. Ealy is an awesome action star, and was on a show with a darker tone with Karl Urban on Fox called Almost Human. (Dammit Fox why do you cancel all of the good shows?!) Ealy could certainly play a darker role, and should be given much more credit as an action star than he has. Maybe Blade could give him that credit?

10. Lennie James

Yes, the look would be a little off with James, but he's an amazing actor. I feel like if he got cast that there would be a little hate at first, but he could take the role and make it his. He has the right level of fame to go to Netflix, and the right kind of acting skills to play Blade. And every Blade doesn't have to be as sexy as Wesley Snipes you know.

What did you think? Do you have another actor you think would be a good Blade? Let me know in the comments!


Who do you think would be the best Blade?


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