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Now, Bart, any last requests?

After 25 years, it looks like Sideshow Bob is finally set to achieve his lifelong goal: Killing Bart Simpson.

Yep. Your eyes have not deceived you! This fall, during the Simpson's annual Halloween episode, murdering maniac Sideshow Bob will return to Springfield, resulting in Bart Simpson's untimely demise.

Speaking at the ATX Festival panel in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, producers of the hit show let slip the chilling news. Executive producer Al Jean stated that he always loathed the fact that the Coyote could never catch the roadrunner, lamenting the classic Loony Tunes cartoon. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Al Jean said: "I hated frustration comedy so we’ll scratch that itch.”

But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. Bart will return to the show following the traditionally format-shattering Halloween stunt. Also, to add further good news, producers confirmed the return of a fan favorite from the movie for the upcoming 27th season, Spider-Pig! Check out the snippet from Al Jeans interview below:

This switch up in the shows narrative will come as a welcoming sign to fans, especially after the departure of voice actor Harry Shearer, whom FOX are still hoping to strike a new deal with. It appears that America's longest running sitcom, still has some exciting plots to explore!


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