ByCiara Irwin, writer at

Even though I loved the post credit scene for the Avengers, I would have liked to see it set up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in some way. SO here goes nothing.

Screen goes black. Lights up on Nick Fury sitting at a desk looking at files that are unseen. Agent waks in but Fury dosen't look up.

Agent -"Sir, he's awake."

Fury -"How is he?"

Agent -"Stable, so far so good. Are you sure this was the right idea sir?."

Fury dosen't respond. Fury drops the files and we see pictures from the battle of New York.

Fury - "What does he remember?"

Agent - " We don't know. He isn't talking much. Sir what are we going to tell him? He dosen't know what has happened.

Fury - "We can get to that later. Right now we need to deal with what is in front of us."

Fury and the Agent move over to a window and look down on what is there. Small buzzing noise starts to play in the backround. Noise swells while Fury goes on.

Fury -"No matter how hard it gets"

Noise swells more. Camera pans away from Furys determined face to show a lab. Doctors move around an unseen figure checking the patient. The doctors mve so we can see the patients face. It's Agent Phil Coulson.Noise swells to it's loudest as we see this and the screen then blacks out.

So what do you think. Would you have liked to see this come up at the end of The Avengers.


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