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Ever since the Sony-Marvel deal that brought a tear of joy to every Marvel fans eye, we have all been eagerly awaiting the day that we see a scene like this:

So it's not that surprising that everyone was forgetting about the wealth of characters Spider-Man brings with him to the MCU. Some of the most notable ones include Venom, Carnage and Dr. Octopus. But, possibly the most important is Norman Osborn, not only because he dresses up like this:

But also because he is one of the few calibre of villain's that could be the overlord of villainy taking on all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes at once. If he is introduced in the form of Matthew McCaughney in the Spider-Man film being released in 2017, then it will probably be to fast-track him through his Green Goblin stage, and get him to a place where he can do some other seriously evil stuff.

Let me describe to you what we COULD see happen after Infinity War with Norman Osborn around.

Phase 4 - Secret Invasion

Okay, this may not make much sense for a little while but bear with me...

After we see films like Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Ant-Man 2, Spider-Man 2 and Dr. Strange 2 filling up Phase 4's early stages, we will need the inevitable team-up of Avengers. I think it will be in the form of 'Secret Invasion,' which was a great storyline where an alien race called the Skrulls, who have mastered shape-shifting attack Earth, having had a number of agents implanted in key positions around the world for years. Unfortunately this does mean that some of the Avengers have been aliens in hiding for some time, but they could change that a little for the film.

At this point Tony Stark is director of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I imagine Robert Downey Jr. will be long gone. Basically, in the final battle with the Skrull, Norman Osborn shoots the alien leader, Veranke. Due to Tony Stark's incompetence at letting the aliens infiltrate Earth, he is deposed and S.H.I.E.L.D. is dissolved, replaced with HAMMER, which Norman Osborn is placed in charge of. This is the important part, although let's face it, 'Secret Invasion' would be an awesome story to do anyway.

But, here is what it leads to:

Phase 5 - Siege

This is dependent upon several things...

One: we still need Tom Hiddleston knocking around as Loki, he's a pretty vital part of the story. We also need a Thor with films still happening at this point, which could be the female version we are seeing in the comics right now. I can see her taking the mantle after Chris Hemsworth gets tired. So, we need a Thor film in Phase 5, potentially the second to last film in the Phase. At the end of that film, Asgard will be transported to floating just above Earth. Our post-credits scene for that film will then be Norman Osborn meeting with Loki and some of his 'Dark Avengers' - which will have to be considerably changed from the comics.

Then, our final Phase 5 film will be 'Siege,' where Norman Osborn justifies attacking Asgard, while being manipulated by Loki (who wants to rule Asgard, as always) to do it. The Avengers, broken and disbanded by Osborn after 'Secret Invasion,' must come together again in order to stop him and save Asgard from peril.

No doubt this would be absolutely incredible on screen, and would be a really gritty Phase to have Marvel doing.

Do you think this is plausible? Can Marvel really make it to Phase 5? Is Norman Osborn the next Thanos?


Do you think Marvel will do Secret Invasion and Siege?


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