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Dinosaurs may no longer rule the Earth but they certainly will be ruling the box office when Jurassic World opens Friday June 12th. Short of a massive meteor strike hitting the earth nothing will keep this massive beast from reaching north of $100 million its opening weekend.

The folks over at Mondo, the art poster specialty house of the Alamo Drafthouse chain, have decided to take advantage of the future by going back to the past. They have commissioned over 37 artists to do their own particular take on the original behemoth that started it all -- Jurassic Park.

The Steven Spielberg movie was noted as the first motion picture that realistically depicted full scale CGI dinosaurs on the big screen.

If Jurassic Park had been done the old-fashioned stop-motion way it would have taken the whole Mesozoic era to finish. And it would have been released well after the human apocalypse had brought all life to a halt.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth will run from June 12-27th at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas.

The full list of artist includes: Dan Black, Frans Boukas, Becky Cloonan, Sam Wolfe Connelly, DKNG, Jason Edmiston, James Flames, Francesco Francavilla, Ken Garduno, Nicole Gustafsson, Brandon Holt, Aaron Horkey, Jock, Rich Kelly, Kilas, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Dan McCarthy, Seb Mesnard, Drew Millward, Gary Pullin, Arik Roper, Neal Russler, Tiny Kitten Teeth, Todd Slater, Stan and Vince, Ken Taylor, John Vogl, Teagan White, Erica Williams, NC Winters, Wocco.

Enjoy the preview art!

Francesco Francavilla (Poster)

Stan & Vince (Poster)

Gary Pullin (Original)

Nicole Gustafsson (Original)

Dan McCarthy (Poster)

Rich Kelly (Poster)

Sam Wolfe Connelly (Poster)

James Flames (Original)

Tiny Kitten Teeth (Original)

Kilas (Original)

NC Winters

Todd Slater

Erica Williams

Arik Roper

Teagan White

Becky Cloonan


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