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Summer box office continues and no major surprises are popping up just yet. In at #1 is "Spy" earning a solid 30 mil and about predicted on both ranking and box office numbers. Word-of-mouth is good on this one so it could carry well for a few more weeks. Drop down to #2 is "San Andreas" earning an extra 24.4 mil and just barely shy of 100 mil cume. No doubt will reach that by end of day Monday and carry on into the mid 150's to cap out at. New at #3 is "Insidious Chapter 3" earning 22.9 mil and also right about on target with predictions. Fair word-of-mouth but I think this will have a quicker burn this Summer. New at #4 is "Entourage" with a 5-day total of 17.8 mil since it opened on a Wednesday. The weekend number came in at around 10.4 mil and below industry expectations but not mine. The audience for this was limited to the HBO crowd and look for a fast burn on this one. Rounding off the top 5 is "Mad Max: Fury Road" with another 8 mil and a cume of 130.8 domestic. This will more than likely cap around 150 mil.

New movies next week:
Do you realize it has been 22 years since the first "Jurassic Park" movie opened in theatres?? This coming weekend one epic movie hits the big screen, "Jurassic World" with over 4,000 screens in Northern America. Right now the buzz is way above the normal and current expectations have it opening in the 200 mil+ range. Being the only movie opening and if they can get all those screens, it is possible.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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