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You know, everybody in America, including comic book fanboys, know the actor Stephen Amell for starring in DC Comics' Arrow TV show on The CW. I personally think it's a great show, and it's one of my favorite television adaptations of comic book franchises.

However, the topic for this discussion is not about Arrow; it's about what it would be like if Stephen Amell was in an upcoming Star Wars film project.

It's quite a simple story. On June 1 of this year, I posted to a Facebook group I joined not too long ago, Star Wars Fanatics, and I asked this simple question:

If Arrow's Stephen Amell was in Star Wars, would he be a Jedi?

Here are some of the responses I got:

Ty Roland-Martin (my brother)

Sheev Palpatine, you have failed this galaxy!

Christopher Fosco:

Star Wars would not allow for any Fagge CW teenage teenybopper actors in a Star Wars film

Kyle Duthorn:

No, a bounty hunter.

Joseph Genova:

Maybe a dark Jedi then.

Timothy Fayette:

Yeah, probably more like a gray Jedi. He does good but sometimes he's ruthless.

Well, I would have to agree with Joseph Genova and Timothy Fayette on that one. On the show, Stephen Amell, as Green Arrow, is sorta like Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy; he does good, but they can be merciless at times.

To me, the best dark Jedi in would be Starkiller from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games, even though in the beginning of the first one, he was technically a Sith apprentice. I mean, Starkiller becomes a Jedi in the middle of the game, but he sorta has a dark personality and has the same Sith powers he had when he was a Sith, like Force Choke and Force Lightning. You know, those kinds of attacks. I remember playing the first Force Unleashed game, and it was a pretty good video game. I still think it is good to this day (it also sucks that my brother got rid of the second game; I would've had a lot of fun playing that one, too).

If Stephen Amell would want to be in any Star Wars project, I would say he should be in either Episode VIII or Episode IX, simply because I hope we can have a chance to see newer characters in those upcoming projects (Episode VII: The Force Awakens is also my most anticipated movie of this year! I can't wait to see what awesomeness awaits me this Christmas!).

Christopher Fosco, one of the guys who commented on my Stephen Amell Facebook post in the Star Wars Fanatics group, stated that Disney, the company that obviously now owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise, will reject any actor from a show aired on The CW, a Warner Bros.-related network, to star in any of the company's projects, like any of the upcoming Star Wars movies. I would have to disagree with Mr. Fosco on what he said, and here's why: just because an actor or actress is popular enough to star in movies by various companies, like Warner Bros. or Paramount, does not give a company like Disney the right to reject him or her. That's just judgmental!

Other people could say that if Stephen Amell was in Star Wars, he should be a bounty hunter. I could perhaps agree with that, too. If Mr. Amell was a bounty hunter, he could easily be a Mandalorian bounty hunter like Jango Fett and Boba Fett.

Well, that's all I got for this post! If you want to state your thoughts, feel free to comment!


If Stephen Amell was in an upcoming Star Wars project, what do you want his character to be?


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