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Hello I was watching the pilot of The Flash today and I discovered something with the newspaper that Wells showed us for the first time in the end of the first episode.

And now I want to show you what I discovered.

The Pilot

If you look there the article's writer stands you see that it ends with Gibson. You don't?

How about now? In the left corner you see the name Gibson and a the letter N as the last letter of the first name.

The writer's full name is Evan Gibson.

Evan Gibson is a reporter for the newspaper Star Gazette during the Green Arrow Brightest Day series.

He also wrote the paper that when Barry's mom was killed.

The Trap episode

But in The Trap episode we see Iris West-Allen as the writer and not Evan Gibson.

So what do you think about this?

Why is it Iris name instead of Evan's on the newspaper?

I know that this isn't much but I can't say so much more than this :(

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See You Later Alligator!


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