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Even at this point, there is a fare amount of humans still talking mad shit about Ben Affleck as Batman. Listen up, you stupid fucktard, this man is a talented actor. He has demonstrated that multiple times throughout his acting career. Many humans like to focus on his bad movies. Of course you scum bags are going to do something like that. Why focus on his good work when you can focus on his bad shit, right? Dumb ass humans. I've seen Ben in the bat suit and he looks amazing in it. This mother fucker looks like Batman. He is not Ben Affleck. He is Batman. I'm sure the movie will be just fine based upon what i have seen from the trailer thus far. It's okay for humans to have their doubts. What's not okay is to deny this man acting ability. Take your head out of your ass and give the man a chance before you throw him to the trash can. When someone is playing a superhero, it's important to look like the character. Ben looks good as Bruce Wayne and even better in the Batman suit. Honestly, when they announced Ben was going to play Batman, i wasn't sure about it. Not because i was doubting his acting ability, but because i just couldn't really picture him in the role. When the images came out, i was sold. When the trailer premiered, instant orgasm. Ben Affleck really surprised the shit out of me. The great Kevin Smith told us that any Batman fan will love what they did to the bat suit. Let me tell you humans, he wasn't wrong. FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! If you don't want to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice because Ben Affleck is Batman, stay your bitch ass home. The rest of us will support Ben Affleck and the film.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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