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The MCU is going to get epic.

Before we are starting. I want you to know this is my first post ever and i am from the Netherlands so excuse me for any error in the language.

Like the title is saying this is my theory about the mcu. Many great thing happened last year. The News about spidey joining the mcu, guardians of the galaxy, age of ultron and other stuf that i dont want to mention now because i want to write a post not a book. The thing is that these are great things and there are going to be many more great moments in the MCU. Here is a list of a couple of things of wich i think/hope that are going to happen in the MCU.

1. Steve Roger is going to die in Civil War.

It has just have been confirmed that an avenger is going to die in Civil War. I think they are going to let Steve die and give the shield to bucky.

2. X-men/Wolverine is going to join the mcu.

It would be a hard job to get the whole x-men to the mcu. But i seriously hope they wil get job done. Personaly i think/hope the big shots @ marvel studios already fixed it with fox en let the wolverine have a part in future Marvel movies like infinity war. Why? Because he is one of the avengers in the comics and they aren't realy complete without Logan.

3. There isn't going to be a New phase after infinity war.

Maybe there is maybe there isn't. I think Marvel studio's can go three way's aftellen infinity war. The first is that they can make phase 4 and stil every movie being somehow connected to one or another. The second is that they are only going to make solo movies. I mean that there will be movies about marvel characters that wont have any connection to the mcu we now as it is in this moment. The thirth is that they will reboot the mcu. With well known characters but with different origin stories then the one we al have already seen.

Well like i have already said this was my first post. I hope you've enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about.


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