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One of my all-time favorite films is "Platoon", directed by Oliver Stone in 1986. Oliver Stone's career as a filmmaker started out strong for the entire first half, but that half ended the first couple years into the 90's. The second half of his career has been filled with misses, and I hope "Snowden" doesn't fall into that same bunch. The last Oliver Stone film I was significantly impressed with was "Natural Born Killers" in 1994.

"I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building." -Edward Snowden

An issue I have with many filmmakers right now are the bias perspectives in which they tell stories, and Oliver Stone is in that group. He makes so many left-wing films or films with left-wing subtleties that I find it difficult to see the story behind the politics. I don't find myself drawn to political statements in film very often, most of the time however the story is written on the synopsis will give me an idea about what the film is supposed to be shooting for. Unfortunately with Oliver Stone, you find yourself stuck in his opinionated mind trying to escape back out into what you know is supposed to be getting the attention, the story.

"I grew up with the understanding that the world I lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with each other in privacy, without it being monitored, without it being measured or analyzed or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems, any time they mention anything that travels across public lines." -Edward Snowden

Sure, if Stone decided he wanted to make a political film or point out his perspectives in an original story I'd likely be as interested in it as any other film, but I hate being tricked into seeing a film just to be exposed to someone trying to subconsciously teach me something unrelated to the story.

"I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done nothing wrong." - Edward Snowden

"Snowden" is likely the perfect Oliver Stone project. It combines many of his political perspectives with a real and recent American story about a CIA employee with access to classified materials decided to leak much of it into the press after feeling convicted and convinced that the U.S. government was abusing their power. This is absolutely the perfect platform for Oliver Stone to shine. There was ruthlessness to the pursuit of Edward Snowden by the U.S. when he decided to let the entire world know what he felt was illegal and abusive. Now Stone can respond, and be just as ruthless in his storytelling, expressing it through America's favorite news outlet, film.

"I don't see myself as a hero because what I'm doing is self-interested: I don't want to live in a world where there's no privacy and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity." -Edward Snowden

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden and Nicolas Cage as a former U.S. Intelligence Official.

I thought the Snowden documentary "Citizenfour" was outstanding and eye-opening. It captivates you from the first minute as you relive Snowden's anxiety-filled days leading up to and days after his leaking of the sensitive information. The platform for the documentary was moderate until it won the years' awards at many film festivals and American award shows. Even grander though will be the platform created by Oliver Stone, both via the method of delivery and his name being attached to the film.

"My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." -Edward Snowden

Perhaps the continued awareness might lead to a more significant and freeing future for Edward Snowden who I feel would've handled himself quite a bit differently, and maybe more preferably, but nonetheless effectively in showing the American people, and the world, that the U.S. government won't get away with such abuse.

"For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission's already accomplished. I already won. As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that I had been trying to do was validated. Because, remember, I didn't want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself." -Edward Snowden

The film is set to release on Christmas, December 25, 2015.

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