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Every saturday at 9:00pm eastern time and even know we there don't do it all the time no more like before.

Sometime SyFy brings back there original Bad movies with horrible CGI on that time slot and I'm always ready to review them but I notice other youtubers don't review them just me.

There only review the popular ones like Sharknado without a doubt there will be ready to talk about part 3 even know SyFy channel will premier them on the weekdays NOT weekend.

But the others are like left behind for reviewers to not even care to talk about and I say to myself are there really that bad. Can people understand there are no different then the bad creature or alien films of the 50's or 60's like a monster with ping pong eye balls or a gorilla suit with a divers helmet.

The only difference there are being done with CGI instead todays era.

I guess I will be the lone survivor to talk about these movies when there premier on Saturday at 9:00pm mostly.

So check for you local listing but meanwhile SyFy channel will be playing horror and sci fi films that been played in the theaters already so you will have to wait a little longer for a new SyFy original movie to pop up.

Meanwhile check my youtube channel GhettoPizzaBX and check some of my SyFy channel TV Movie Review by typing on youtube search bar with my screename and the syfy movie I might have reviewed already.


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