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I never actually made it to Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida before they closed this attraction. Supposedly there were actual shows that were filmed there, including, the game show - 'What Would You Do?'

I remember watching 'What Would You Do?' and always wanting to be slimed at some point. Why? Because I was a kid and I wanted to be messy and dirty. I can't explain it. I blame Nickelodeon for wanting to have slime dropped or thrown at me. I figured at some point in my life that would happen. Still hasn't happened. But I still do want to be slimed! But that's besides the point.

Tell me this doesn't look like fun?
Tell me this doesn't look like fun?

Recently I started feeling nostalgic and wanted to see what current kids game shows Nickelodeon had televised on it's show roster this season. To my surprise, there were none. I don't want to go into the fundamentals about children programming and which generation had the best series line up, because every generation thinks that their own shows were the best. But something I do find odd is that until now, Nickelodeon has always had kid game shows.

I remember as a kid wanting to be on Double Dare. Later there was Family Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare and even the revival Double Dare 2000 that lasted a couple seasons. It was always my dream to be on the show, either with a sibling, a friend or some unwilling family members. I just know that I wanted to go through all of the obstacle courses and physical challenges and again, get really dirty.

I discovered the show Guts while getting into 'SNICK.' Saturday Night Nickelodeon. Remember that? I loved the show 'Roundhouse,' 'Are You Afraid of the Dark,' 'Clarissa Explains it All' and thought 'Guts' was probably the coolest most innovated game show ever. Granted, I was a kid, but still it was so cool in my eyes. That was until, I found the Legend...

I thought that 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' beat all other games ever made up to that point in my life. The Moat, the Steps of Knowledge, the Temple games and the Temple Run itself was so intense for kids that it just seemed like one of the greatest challenges in the world. For a kid.

These are just three of the shows that have been shown on Nickelodeon. There's many others that came before and after these series, but these were some of the shows that I watched during my childhood. Wild and Crazy Kids was somewhat a kids game show with competitions and tournament style.

The other game shows that came during the 2000 till 2014 era include a huge variety of non-slime shows. These include - Webheads, Brain Surge, and My Family Got Guts, which was a GUTS Spin Off, only cooler in my opinion.

The reason I bring all these up, is simple- What happened to Nick game shows? Maybe it's just a fluke and this year Nickelodeon decided that kids game shows aren't necessary for their line up. But it does seem weird that Nickelodeon decided to stop all game shows on their programming for next year as well. I tried researching into future game shows that may be coming out during their 2015-2016 line up and there still doesn't seem to be anything planned.

I still want to be slimed one day!
I still want to be slimed one day!

Most of the game shows are definitely educational to some degree. Whether or not the challenges involved history lessons, memory games or just simply physical activity, the shows did serve a purpose. Well that is, they served a purpose besides making money. But self improvement was obviously one of the perks that was being advertised for most, if not all of the shows being aired. Not to say that current Nickelodeon shows do not have some educational value to them, but game shows encouraged and definitely made kids want to be part of the show itself.

So do kids not like kid game shows anymore? Is that the reasoning? Why do you think that Nickelodeon has no other game shows being made?

Well ratings are one of the issues. After doing a short research, 'Brain Surge,' which premiered in 2010, received horrible reviews, and the ratings were not anywhere near what past Nick game shows had. I attempted to watch some episodes that are shown on YouTube and I do have to admit, it is a boring show. Children's attention spans are even less comparative to my own, so could only imagine what was going through their heads at the time of the show's airings.

Another rationale provided by Alain Diaz, which makes the most sense, suggests that- 'Nick has access to more original animated and live action programming which are more marketable. Years ago it was harder and more expensive to make animated programming due to the way cartoons were animated. But now with computers, it's not as difficult and somewhat cheaper. Animated shows offer stuff the company can make more money off of, such as toys, movies, DVDs, shirts, and assorted other product placement things.'

I admit it, I still watch some Nick Toons. I'm a sucker for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I think the Avatar/Korra series have to be some the greatest cartoons of all time. Although I don't think either of these series are what Alain is talking about. There are many toons that now that have much less dedication to the art of the animation and have simplistic overly funny features in comparison. Just look at how simply Scooby Doo is going to be drawn:

So is that the answer? It's just cheaper and easier to make animated shows with computers, rather than make live game shows? Or is it that kids do not want to be part of a game show anymore? Attention spans for children are always at low points, and with technology evolving at such a high rate, older formats may not be what is in store for future generations. Hopefully we will see some resurgence in game show based programming, but if it is not in the way of making money, it will not happen. After all, programming is there for the purpose of profit in the end.

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