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Trevor Morelli

The modern action genera of movies has been plagued with boring CGI, money grabbers, unenthusiastic crews, and repetitive ideas. Mad Max: Fury Road contradicts every single negative about the genera today. Never in my life have I been more happy watching an action movie. The creativity just struck me like a bus. Everything from the practical effects to the atmosphere clashed together to make this decade defining flick. I'll make this short and sweet.

Director George Miller is a rock-star as he flips 8 wheeled corvettes and explodes spiked fuel tankers in a dusty open desert. He is the leader of this mad circus and leaves out all of the fake tent magic. It is visibly obvious that all of the stunts and explosions are real. It is a breath of fresh air since we are so used to films containing 90% green screen where actors are left jumping onto green mattresses and taking to tennis balls. It shows that action is not dead. This movie is a mosh-pit steam punk chase sequence in the desert starring the always great Tom Hardy where you can see a man get knocked out by a flame throwing guitar. Let that settle. The acting here is all around great and honestly I cant say much more about it. That is not what made the movie for me. I've always loved creepy weird visuals and characters and that's definitely what I got. The atmosphere and setting for this movie is absolutely amazing and leaves you wondering about the wasteland. You want to see more and explore. A big point here is that action is not dead. I hope future movies become inspired by Fury Road and notice that CGI isn't the key. I cant bring myself to say anymore. Honestly you are sitting there reading this while you should be out watching Mad Max: Fury Road. You have no time to read a review. Go now! Experience the chases, fights, vehicles, characters and explosions. You'll understand what I mean after.


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