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I will stand strong alone. Never will i need others by my side in order to be strong. My willpower and mental discipline is more than enough to get me through what ever problems may come. Many humans will try and tear me down. This can never matter to me. As i continue to walk on this planet, i get stronger. How can you defeat someone who has an iron spirit? The answer is- You can't. Defeat is only possible if i defeat myself through negative mental thoughts. In the past i allowed humans that are close to me matter more than any other humans. My training has allowed me to make adjustments. Whether humans are close to me or not, i will not let any human comprise my iron spirit. Without God you will find that most humans would be weaker than what they currently are. My strength comes from within, not from some deity. Many humans will try and tell me what's possible and what isn't. Usually, these are negative fucks trying to make me weak like them. My time is limited on this shitty planet, but i will walk with an iron spirit. So many humans say I'm crazy and weird. All those humans can go kill themselves. Under no circumstances will i allow these animals to break. For i have an iron spirit.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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