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Over the past couple of years, Marvel has really exploded! And there have been many movies that have a lot of heroes and villains, but there have been some that haven't appeared. And I am going to show you a few that I think should be a movie or a TV show.

5) The Kree

This alien race, also known as the Ruul, first appeared in Fantastic Four, and have since expanded throughout the Marvel Universe. They are famous for the Kree-Skrull war. Which eventually involves Earth. They would make an awesome movie or TV show.

4) Spider-woman

This female superhero first appeared in Marvel Spotlight. And has been an ally of Spider man, and has also been an Avenger. She would make a very exciting and different movie.

3) The Skrulls

Another alien race from the planet Skrullos, first appeared in the Fantastic Four, like the Kree. They are famous for the Kree-Skrull war. That subject could make a very good movie for the future.

2) Cable

This superhero first appeared as Nathan Summers in The Uncanny X-men. He is the son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor. He has telepathic powers. And he could make a very interesting TV show.

1) Galactus

This larger than life super villain also first appeared in Fantastic Four. He travels throughout the galaxy eating planets. And has come into conflict with the heroes on earth when he tried to eat the planet. And would make a very explosive movie.

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