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Even though Shazam will come out in 2019, people are wondering who could play him! And the DCCU is becoming bigger, with the Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have 10 actors who I think could play Shazam.

1. Joe Manganiello

With Magic Mike and True Blood, this actor has the fitness to pull off a superhero like Shazam. And he has the diversity to pull it off.

2. Tom Hardy

I love Tom Hardy! He could definitely play a built superhero. He has played roles where he has to be big, such as Bane and could do it again.

3. Liam Hemsworth

This younger actor would have to put on a fair bit of weight, but I think that he has the experience to pull of a role like this. He has the charm that I think Shazam would have.

4. Owain Yeoman

This 6'3" actor has been in some popular roles, such as in the Mentalist. He was also in Guardians of The Galaxy, but it wasn't that large of role, I think it is his time to shine as his own hero.

5. Nathan Fillion

This highly underrated actor has the skill to play the role. He has been in Firefly and Castle, but he has never really been in his own major movie role. But he definitely needs to be.

6. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

I mean you can't get any better than THE ROCK! He is already buff and he showed us that he could play a leading role in an action movie in San Andreas. And I know he is already playing Black Adam. But there is a theory that he plays both parts because he is pretty much the only person that could stand up against himself.

7. Daniel Cudmore

This Canadian actor, known for his role as Colossus in the X-men franchise. He looks extremely close to what I think Shazam would look like. And would make a convincing Shazam.

8. Ryan Reynolds

Ok! So the Green Lantern movie wasn't the best, but I am willing to give him another chance. He is also playing Deadpool, which is pretty awesome. He also has the charisma to play Shazam.

9. Brandon Molale

This actor is no stranger at standing out, he is best known for his role as Kevin Ward in Mr. Deeds. He also played college and pro football. He has the body for the role and could be a convincing Shazam.

10. Armie Hammer

A fairly well known actor, Armie Hammer has the childish charm to pull off Shazam, considering that he is actually a kid. He has big screen experience and would make a great superhero.


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