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The world will always be cruel to those of us that are different. Humans will entertain the idea that everyone is different. That's a load of horse shit. When i say those of us that are different, i mean because of the mind set. It's the mind set that sets us apart from the brainwashed puppets that surround us. The humans that are too comfortable and too scared to be themselves. Instead of spreading their wings and flying into the unknown, they rather stay on the ground in chains. Slaves to their weaknesses. The mutants in the X-Men universe understand what it's like to be different. For those of us that are truly different will move in a way that will confuse most, but inspire some to stop being a weak piece of shit and spread their wings. We help ourselves. We don not look to the sky for some God to help us with our problems. There is nothing that will get in our way and stop us from being who we are. Doesn't matter if humans or God approves of our true nature. Anyone and everyone that is against us, can kiss our ass and jump off a cliff. No time for the weak fucks that may get in our way and try to steer us in the direction of weakness. We may be smaller in number, but we're stronger than the typical crowd. Motivated by shit that would make the average human piss in their pathetic pants. I exist for myself. Humans hold on to the idea of a afterlife. All the humans I've interacted with have been a test. A test to see if i would break under pressure. Humans have a tendency to try and test those of us that are different. Our willpower and our strength threatens most humans, this is because most humans are weaker than shit. If i were in the X-men universe, i would join Magneto. I would have no problem dealing with the human scum. Whatever order Magneto gives me, i would follow and i would do so with a smile on my face. No reason i should care about a species that can't even band together to make their world a better place. Think about it. Humans fight over the dumbest shit. It's connected to their emotional weaknesses. Everything is based on how these disgusting creatures feel on a regular basis. I will never hideaway my true self. Who i am is worth dying for. The whole world can be against me, as far as I'm concerned, that sounds like good odds to me.

Written By: Terrance "The Beast" Harris

If you are a human that feels alone on this shitty planet, please join our YouTube family. It's called- Tramaine Terrance. Become part of something great and unique. If we band together, we could scream so loud, the world will be forced to make an adjustment. THANK YOU.


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