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Even though Star Trek has been off the air for over a decade, fans are still hopeful that somewhere in the future Trek will make it's way return to our homes on a weekly basis. Michael Dorn, who fans know of as their favorite Klingon Worf, has been very vocal over the years in his hopes to re-kindle the character in a "Captain Worf" television series. He recently spoke up about it again, and going in more depth with Cinema Source in this interview. Dorn is best known for playing the iconic Klingon Starfleet officer in eleven seasons of Star Trek as a main character in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, totaling nearly 300 episodes, and four films (five, if you count Dorn's appearance as an unnamed Klingon in Star Trek VI whom fans have dubbed Worf's grandfather).

Even though the chances of a new Star Trek happening aren't too high, the child in me who grew up watching and loving the show is excited at even the smallest possibility that Star Trek could be given some new life!

With the "Captain Worf" series in mind, here is my list of 8 things I'd want to see in the show!

1. Other Crew Members We Already Know

With so many rich characters through all of Trek's nearly thirty seasons, it would only make sense to bring back not just Worf but other familiar characters as series regulars or recurring characters.

One that I think would fit in would be Tuvok from Voyager, he could be Worf's second in command and balance out the more emotional side of Worf. Tuvok was a strong character with a very long history in Starfleet with lots of unexplored potential, but he was a background character with little screen time on Voyager. In the ongoing novels he has become an officer on the USS Titan under Captain Riker, but a promotion to first officer would surely make him transfer, and that's only if you consider the novels canon. Another character from Voyager that could make the transition is Harry Kim. He was just a young ensign with a lifetime of Starfleet in his future. To see the difference between this young and bright eyed Ensign to the present where he's seen so many real and terrible things could be really cool.

Nog, from DS9, could be brought in as the Chief Engineer. Worf and he worked together for a while, and last we left Nog (inside of television canon anyway) he had been promoted to Lieutenant on DS9, and as the only Ferengi in Starfleet he could add some great diversity to the crew.

Another character that was used, but misused on Voyager was the former Borg teenager Icheb. He received a couple good stories but was also usually in the background. He would make a great helmsman or Science Officer as he is assumed to have gone to Starfleet Academy after Voyager returned to Earth.

2. Adam Scott as The Helmsman

Adam Scott has already appeared in Star Trek??! YES! Go back and watch the opening space fight with the Borg in 1996's Star Trek First Contact. We see Worf commanding the Defiant, and his helmsman for about fifteen seconds where his only line is "Sir, there's another starship coming's the Enterprise!" At this point the Defiant is pretty badly damaged with no weapons, and the battle with Borg looks lost, so the Enterprise beams the Defiant survivors aboard presumably along with Adam Scott's character. However, the Enterprise is soon after sent back in time, and taken over by the Borg and so many crew members die or are assimilated so his status is left unknown.

Personally, I think Adam Scott is an awesome actor, and would bring a fun level of comedy to the table that Trek struggles with. You know I'm right! Who didn't love Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec, this nerdy actor would fit in so well!

3. Cameos from Trek Alumni Kept to a Minimum

Now everyone is curious about what happened after DS9 ended, what happened to the Voyager crew after they returned home? Even the TNG cast was split up after their final movie, what are they up to?

There have been lots of Trek cameos over the years. Spock returned for a two-parter in TNG Season 5, and Scotty appeared in a single episode a year later. In the final season, DS9's Doctor Bashir guest starred. LaForge visited once on Voyager as a future version of himself, and Troi appeared in three episodes over the course of two years where Barclay actually appeared in more episodes of Voyager than TNG! We even got to see one of Data's ancestors on Enterprise as he experimented with genetic enhancement and robotics. While cameos can be fun and memorable when they're handled well and with a purpose, it could be distracting and hurtful to favorite characters if we bring back some of our favorites but don't give them something to add to the story, they would just seem like they were in the way.

4. A Fractured Starfleet/Alpha Quadrant

Assuming the new series is set in "real time" we could see what the Alpha Quadrant looks like in the 15-20 years since we've seen it last at the end of the Dominion War where the four major players (Federation, Klingons, Romulans and the Cardassians) in the Quadrant had all taken huge losses. It would be interesting to see the end of their arms race as these four cultures raced to rebuild and regroup to either create a deterrent from being attacked again, or rebuilding to go on the offense and take advantage of the one of the other three.

I'd love to see a darker Trek, one where the future isn't quite so perfect. One where the Quadrant is on the brink of war, and one where Starfleet isn't perfect and there is dissent and disagreement. I know that the original Trek was meant to show our current culture that it's possible for everyone to come together in peace in a potential future, but we could still see that come out of the darkness. The world we live in right now is full of wars and dark times, but the hope can still be there within Rodenberry's vision as we watch the darkness turn to light and that even the bleakest futures have light, and that we're all just a work in progress.

5. New Bad Guys

Each Trek has come up with original villains and had a good mix between old and new aliens. The original series started out with the Klingons and Romulans as recurring baddies, The Next Generation introduced us to the Borg and the Cardassians and DS9 took the Cardassians to an entirely new level and introduced us to the purely evil Dominion. Voyager was stranded on the other side of the galaxy so we met new aliens like the Vidiians, Kazon, Hirogen and saw much more Borg in their home territory. Enterprise took us back to the basics in the prequel and we were immediately introduced to the Suliban and later the Xindi and their six sub species.

On a new Trek, there would need to be new aliens for new stories, but also good strong villains like Gul Dukat, Silik and the Borg Queen that we can empathize with even while hating them.

6. Exciting Story Arcs

One thing that Deep Space Nine really succeeded with was their dozens of well written characters, recurring characters and the in depth and ongoing story arcs. Not just with the Dominion War, but with Garak's banishment, Nog's growth from thief to Lieutenant, Kira's growth from hateful and revenge seeking terrorist, to a leader and key player in saving her former enemy's species. Enterprise also did a great job with their story arcs, their temporal cold war being fought from the future, the Xindi attacking Earth and planning to destroy all human life. T'Pol had amazing growth as an emotionless Vulcan, Trip and Archer had great stories also.

When Trek started in the '60s, and came back in the '80s and '90s no one knew what "binge watching" was. It's been one of the biggest changes in television in the last decade, where shows are steering more towards rich long-term stories that pay off instead of single episode ones that end and are never really connected to the next story like how Voyager and Next Gen were mostly written. The story arcs are definitely the way to go!

7. A Gay/Lesbian Main Character

This may seem a little controversial, but Trek has always been a statement about tolerance; back in the '60s when Gene Rodenberry created the show he wanted to explore how members of all these different countries, and an alien, could get along as equals and work together as one unit. The biggest surprise addition to the crew was the African-American woman Uhura who had been cast at a time when equal rights was a hot topic and still controversial. We've seen bisexual characters like Trill, and the alternate universe Kira Nerys, but no regular characters as of yet. As we move into an era where gay rights is still controversial, but widely accepted and depicted on television and film, it wouldn't be as large a statement as Uhura was, but a gay character in Trek is overdue and just like any other heterosexual character, their sexuality wouldn't have to be a main topic of discussion or plot, and would only come up on occasion when it fit into a story.

8. Easter Eggs

Just a few little things here and there that make fans like me laugh out loud for a small line of dialogue. Fun things like when Picard mentions that the USS Archer is on it's way to rendezvous with the Enterprise in Star Trek Nemesis, but there are also things I want to know from where we last left off!

  • 1. How Rom is doing as Grand Nagus over on Ferenginar? Did the economy take off or dive after he took over?
  • 2. Sela the half-Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar, she disappeared! It would have made sense if she appeared in Star Trek Nemesis, but she didn't....
  • 3. Did Sisko ever come back after hanging out in the Wormhole with the Prophets?
  • 4. The Federation/Klingon/Romulan alliance took extreme casualties during the Dominion War. How have they recovered or not recovered? Also: Was there truly a complete cease fire? What is the Dominion up to??
  • 5. What happened with holographic rights as started with Voyager's EMH? We saw a future where he'd helped helm a new frontier for holograms, did that history still play out even though history's events changed?
  • 6. In the series finale of Voyager (the last canon Trek episode chronologically) the Borg assimilate the Admiral's ship from the future gaining her tech, did this make them unstoppable? The Delta Quadrant must have been devastated by the Borg's growth just so Voyager could get home!

There are so many things I'm curious about that would be really fun to bring up over the course of a new television show...


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