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**If you haven't watched season five, episode nine, beware of spoilers**

So many characters have come and gone, both great and horrible. So many tragedies and things that should just be celebrated. But among those things, I've found that my opinion doesn't always agree with the majority of fans'.

Here are some of my Game of Thrones confessions:

1. As much as I hate Petyr Baelish, I kind of love Petyr Baelish.

Okay, so he's not that easy to love, but he's kind of brilliant. After not getting the girl (more than once), Petyr devoted his life to taking what he wants. He's manipulative and sometimes a bit cruel, but hey, it's Game of Thrones, so...

2. I wanted (still do) Arya and Gendry to get together.

Game of Thrones isn't about the romance. We know that from the countless ruined relationships (i.e. Cersei/Jaime, Joffrey/Margaery, Ned/Catelyn, etc.), but if it were, this would be the couple I'd be most excited to see.

I just loved them together. Regardless of whether Arya and Gendry ever even see each other again, I still want Gendry back.

3. I hate almost the entire Stark family.

Yeah, basically, I hate everyone in the Stark family except Arya, Sansa and Jon. I mean, I guess Robb was okay, but not really. I'm not sure what it was about them all, but they all just annoyed me. I don't know why I'm talking past tense; Bran and Rickon aren't dead yet.

Theon isn't even a Stark and I love him more than I ever loved Catelyn or Robb or Ned, etc.

4. Jaqen H'ghar is one of my favorite characters.

Jaqen H'ghar is so mysterious. Well, this season we've actually learned a lot more about him, but there's still this air of mystery about him. And the fact that he basically just kind of took Arya under his wing from the moment he met her, that makes me like him even more.

Then again, you can never really trust anyone on Game of Thrones, so maybe there are some ulterior motives going on, but I'd like to think Jaqen's motives are pure, that he's only doing what the Many-Faced God wants him to do.

5. I love The Hound.

Over the course of four seasons, Sandor Clegane grew on me. When he saved Sansa (more than once), I knew he wasn't really this awful guy that he was made out to be, or that he wanted everyone to think he was. And now he is one of my favorites.

And I'm still not totally convinced he's dead. Just saying.

6. I want Dany to win the Iron Throne.

Since the beginning of the series, I've wanted Dany and Tyrion to work together. Now, I've finally gotten my wish. I think that if Daenerys and Tyrion continue to work together, that she can rule the Seven Kingdoms just fine. Sure, she's young and doesn't have much experience in ruling, but she's shown that she's pretty great at what she does.

What are your thoughts or confessions? Who do you want to see on the Iron Throne?


Who do you want on the Iron Throne?


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