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2015 was probably one of the most hyped years in film history. This is because it has probably the two most anticipated films of all time in it. While Avengers 2 and Star Wars will leapfrog over most of the billion dollar club (yet still will probably not pass Furious 7) it would be someone speculating on the internet if we didn't look ahead to 2016. Which could very well become the most important year in film history since 1999. We might aswell do this month by month so I can cover as much as possible and their's honestly a lot to cover. All of the following films have release dates that are subject to change and I won't be covering films that I consider noteworthy.


DiCaprio looking all brooding in The Revenant
DiCaprio looking all brooding in The Revenant

January as you expect is a dumping ground for awards films that got released in 4 theaters at the end of the previous year to be eligable for awards season and films that are not strong enough to hold their own in the big months. Most of them are not worth covering in depth but keep your eye out for The Revenant which is the big awards contender from Alejandro González Iñárritu and stars DiCaprio in the role that should win him the Oscar, Kung Fu Panda 3 which got downgraded from it's previous christmas release date, Sequals to Ride Along and The Nut Job (on the same day) and a handful of low budget horror films that were made for a 50th of RDJ's salary. This month probably looks standard to you but don't worry next month is when things get strange.


Isn't this where I said things get weird. The month starts with Hail Caeser which is a black comedy about 50's Hollywood from Ethan and Joel Cohan. The following week see's the release of Deadpool and Zoolander 2 though I expect Zoolander will move because it wouldn't want to lose half it's audience too the storm that Deadpool will most likely be. The month ends with a remake of Ben Hur which is being released on the same day as Dirty Grampa. I won't try explaining that one to you. This month begins with an Oscar bait (it worked for Grand Budapest Hotel) and ends with a film called Dirty Grandpa. This month appears to be dominated with R ratings much like how 2015's Febuary was. The month also has an abundance of comedies which will just hurt everyone. Some of these movies will move back into January or ahead into March and later months.


The Batfleck in full effect.
The Batfleck in full effect.

This month seems like a leadup to one film. That one film though is probably the most important film in Warner Bros recent history. If you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years the film in question is Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Directed by Zack Snyder and starring DC's two biggest weapons against Marvel. This film will decide if DC is building a universe or just falling flat on their face like Sony. I could talk at lengh on the integral role this film will play in Warner's future but you get the point.


April doesn't get a picture because it's the calm before the storm and directly after the storm. It's suprising that this month is completly empty of anything of not when you could release a deacent sized movie in the middle and make a quick buck. This month is completly wasted.


Welcome to the storm. Summer movie season normally starts at what I call the Marvel date. This date is the first week of May since SpiderMan 3 has featured a Marvel film (MCU or Otherwise). This year probably feature's the biggest May outside of the Avengers films. Captain America: Civil War is the first Marvel solo film that features another character that can carry his own film in the form of RDJ. Also in this month we have The Friday the 13th Reboot, Neighbours 2, the Angry Birds movie, X-Men Apocolypse and Alice in Wonderland:through the looking glass. This month is quite literally a swarm of box office muscle. All films will probably be frontloadad and have 60% or more drops. Don't worry things don't get any less crowded.


The leader of the Horde from Warcraft
The leader of the Horde from Warcraft

This month is much like the last much in the way that it is a clusterf**k. The month features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell, The Conjuring 2, Now you see me 2, Warcraft, Uncharted (on the same week as Warcraft. Expect that to change), Finding Dory, Central intelligence, Independence Day 2 and Transformers 5. This month has enough blockbusters in it to fill a whole summer. Transformers 5 will probably get pushed back to next summer but even if that happens that's still 4 action movies with budgets over the 100 Million mark.


This month doesn't get a picture because none of these movies have any promotional material released yet but don't take that as this month being empty. This month as the Warner Bros Tarzan, The BFG, Star Trek 3, Ice Age 5, Bourne 5 and the all female Ghostbusters. This is the third month in a row thats full of films that in any other year could fill a summer.


Yes i'm using this photo twice
Yes i'm using this photo twice

This month is normally a deadzone for movies that can't hold their own in the previous 3 months but this perception was changed in 2014 when GOTG dominated the month. Since one obscure team can dominate the month then surely Suicide Squad can do the same. Also outside of Suicide Squad this month is pretty barren of deacent releases so expect some of the June/July/May fodder to move here. This will also be the testing ground of giving someone complete creative control over a universe film is a good idea with the feedom David Ayer has been given with Suicide Squad. This is also a great way to see if the public buys into the new universe fully. This will be interesting.


This month also doesn't get a picture because much like April it doesn't have anything of note nor have any material been released for these films. Unless your a Resident Evil fan their is nothing of note here right now though it could be a great place to move a movie from the Summer that would get cannablised there.


Fan Art of Tatum as Gambit
Fan Art of Tatum as Gambit

I know I could of used fan art in some of the months above but this film is rather important. Gambit marks the 3rd X-Men film in 2016 and the 6th overall being released. 7 superhero films are being released in 2016 and if they all do well we know superhero fatigue is not gonna slow the moviegoers down and that it won't be the thing that will cause the superhero movie bust (and trust me it will happen). The rest of the month is fairly subpar and not worth talking about.


Concept art for Disney's Moana
Concept art for Disney's Moana

November has slowly been becoming the extra summer month that is dominated by two releases. This year though has three major releases in the month. They are Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and Moana. This month is dominated by Disney with Doctor Strange and Moana but Warner Bros like what their doing with their DC films their spiting Disney whenever they can by releasing the Harry Potter spinoff right under Disney's nose. This month is probably gonna be the most evenly matched in terms of the films going into them and their respective hype. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Assasin's Creed Teaser Poster
Assasin's Creed Teaser Poster

December doesn't have most of the film's being released here announced but we can assume their are some oscar bait films that are here and are not announced yet. The two big blockbusters are Assasins Creed and Star Wars: Rogue One which is probably the most mismatched films of the entire year but it will still be interesting to see if Star Wars films can be sold without being an episode (yes, they probably can).


2016 is important because it will show if the path of everything being a shared universe being viable. This year will also see if videogame movies are still cursed or if Warcraft can break it. Let's see how it plays out.


What film are you most hyped for?


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