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Hello Pilots! It's been many weeks since I've written a post, but I've returned. This time, I present to you amazing art created by Huy "Wee" Dinh.

Dinh is not new to creating superhero art at all. In fact, other users on Moviepilot have displayed his art before. His latest pieces unite the seven Justice League members, which are shown below.


Here is the very first superhero! Call him the Man of Steel, Last Son of Krypton, or alien if you're name is Lex Luthor.

As you can tell, the only color in this picture is in the eyes. Dinh exudes the gritty feeling of Superman with the colors and his facial expression. Intimidating, isn't it?


The Dark Knight. World's Greatest Detective. Caped Crusader. If you don't know who Batman is...let's not go there.

Here, Bruce Wayne is in his battle armor, which he exclusively uses for Superman. Though bulky, he is able to lift cars and other heavy objects. It also absorbs some of the force from punches, which will be very useful against Superman.

Again, the only color here is in the glowing eyes. I can feel the anger just by looking at him.

Wonder Woman

This is Diana, princess of the Amazons. She is always prepared to fight and this certainly reinforces it.

Remember, Wonder Woman's costume is red, blue, gold, and silver. The initial image of Gal Gadot in her costume seemed to be bronze and brown on first glance, but closeups of the actual costume prove the costume is very comic book accurate.


You don't want to joke around with this guy. He's Aquaman, the freaking king of Atlantis! He may not have the same uniform as his comic book counterpart, but he's just as awesome. It's unclear, but it seems like Jason Momoa will have a small role in Batman v Superman. Dinh nails Aquaman's badass look in this piece for sure!

The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster! This one is my personal favorite. It's a conceptual costume and it's meant for Ezra Miller to wear, so don't get mixed up with the television series.

Green Lantern

Beware his power! The Green Lantern here is John Stewart, who happens to be DC's first African American superhero. It is unknown which Green Lantern will be a member of the Justice League in the DC Cinematic Universe, but rumors suggest that the lead of the solo films will be Stewart. However, Hal Jordan is still a possibility.

We haven't seen what Green Lantern will look like, so don't get confused. This is what Dinh envisions, and it's very comic accurate as well as practical.


Booyah! In this piece, Dinh based this heavily off of Cyborg's new look in the comic books. Victor Stone (Cyborg) was severely injured and some of his body parts began regenerating, such as his feet and hands.

All of Them

Here are all of the pieces arranged together. Neat, isn't it?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) will likely introduce all seven of the Justice League members. Justice League Part One (2017) will be the first adventure for the legendary superhero team.


Of the seven images, which one is your favorite?

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