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I've been interested in urban legends recently, specifically the ones that have something extra to them. Maybe it's based on a real event or maybe there's an actual video to it. Those to me are the absolute scariest, and these 5 legends are all plagued to curse the reader. If you don't want to be trapped in your dreams, encounter a woman with missing legs, or even die, stop here. I'm not saying these curses are true, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel queasy while reading them. Otherwise, let us continue.

Tomino's Hell

Tomino's Hell is a cursed Japanese poem that causes illness, misfortune, or even death to whoever reads it out loud. Many have reported feeling uneasy after reading just halfway into it. The poem is about a Tomino who dies and falls to hell. It was written by Yomota Inuhiko in a book titled, “The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone.” The poem in English goes something like this:

Elder sister vomits blood, younger sister’s breathing fire.

While sweet little Tomino just spits up the jewels.

All alone does Tomino go falling into that hell.

A hell of utter darkness, without even flowers.

Is Tomino’s big sister the one who whips him?

The purpose of the scourging hangs dark in his mind.

Lashing and thrashing him, ah!

But never quite shattering.

One sure path to Avici, the eternal hell.

Into that blackest of hells, guide him now, I pray— to the golden sheep, to the nightingale.

How much did he put in that leather pouch,

to prepare for his trek to the eternal hell?

Spring is coming to the valley, to the wood,

to the spiraling chasms of the blackest hell.

The nightingale in her cage, the sheep aboard the wagon,

and tears well up in the eyes of sweet little Tomino.

Sing, o nightingale, in the vast, misty forest.

He screams he only misses his little sister.

His wailing desperation echoes throughout hell—

and a blood red flower blooms.

Down past the seven mountains and seven rivers of hell,

cute Tomino travels alone.

To welcome you to hell,

The glimmering spikes of the needled mountain stick fresh punctures in the flesh, as a cute sign for Tomino.

Dream School

This story is about an endless dream one boy has which he can not escape from. This story is cursed and will cause whoever to learn about it to be trapped within the same dream in a week or so. Anyways, the story goes that this young boy had a dream about being in a school he was unfamiliar with. He ran through the hallways, up the stairs, and turned on every corner but to no avail. Sometimes, he would find himself back where he once ran from (despite running in a straight line). Other times, he would swear he's on the third floor, but after going up the stairs he ended up back on the first floor.

This didn't make sense. When out of nowhere, the boy heard something in the distance. It sounded like … footsteps. They grew louder and louder. The boy ran as fast as he can, fortunately finding an emergency exit. However the door was locked and the glass box that contained the key was smashed in. The key wasn't there but instead a note saying that is was in classroom 108. The footsteps sounded closer and closer. The boy made it to classroom 108 and searched frantically for the keys. At this point, the footsteps were right in front of the door and there was heavy knocking on the door.

Just then,.. the knocking stopped. There was a cold silence... The boy managed to work up the courage to open the door. What he saw horrified him. It was several boys and girls, all cut up into pieces. The floor completely drenched in blood. The boy ran off, he couldn't take it anymore.

Purple Mirror

The story of the Purple Mirror is about a cursed phrase that will kill anyone who still remembers it by age 20. Years ago, a young Japanese girl was given a mirror by her parents. She loved the mirror, so much so that she would look at herself with it every day. She was desperate to look beautiful, to the point of developing anorexia. She became painfully thin and frail, but whenever she looked into her mirror, she saw herself as beautiful. One day while painting her mirror purple, she began to see who she really was through her reflection,.. and she was mortified. She hated the way she looked, and she broke her mirror. On her 20th birthday, she was preparing for her big birthday when she was struck by a car and killed. As she laid there dying, her last words were “...purple mirror...purple mirror...purple mirror...”.

After the funeral, her parents searched her room and discovered that her broken mirror was gone. Rumors began to spread; some who attended her funeral died under mysterious circumstances. Since then, the phrase “purple mirror” is cursed and whoever remembers it by their 20th birthday will die.

Kashima Reiko

According to the legend, after hearing this story, Kashimo Reiko will appear to you within a month.

Kashima Reiko was once a woman who lived in the island of Hokkaido, Japan. However, she was brutally attacked by a group of men who left her for dead. No one came to help her. She was crawling for help but collapsed on railroad tracks before a train came and sliced her in two. Her body was severed from the waist. She now wanders the nights looking for her legs; appearing in schools or in people's homes. If you see her, she will ask, “Where are my legs?”. The answer is, “On the Meishin Expressway”. She'll reply with, “Who told you that?”, to which you must say, “Kashima Reiko told me that.” Sometimes she'll ask, “What's my name?”. Do not reply with “Kashima Reiko” or else she will kill you. Instead reply with, “Mask Death Demon” as that is what the Kashima translates to. If successful, she'll crawl away to ask another victim.

10 Days of Dreams

The legend of the 10 Days of Dreams goes like this:

You will dream for ten days in succession. Each dream comes with a rule you must follow.

Warning: If you hear this story, you might end up experiencing these dreams within three days.

1st day:

You will dream that you are sleeping in your room. Then you will notice a girl peeping through the window.

1st rule:

You must let the girl in.

2nd day:

The girl is inside your room. She is looking downward and you cannot see her face because of her long hair. She is muttering something ― after a while, you realize she is saying "Please…Please….“

2nd rule:

Let her come into the bed and lie down next to you.

3rd day:

You and the girl are lying side by side. You are now able to see the girl’s face.

Her face is horribly burnt.

3rd rule:

Do not cry out when you see her face.

4th day:

You get out of the bed.

The girl says "Let’s go to the park.”

4th rule:

Take the girl to the nearest park without saying a word.

5th day:

When you arrive at the park you will notice someone pushing a stroller.

Look closely and you will notice that the mother is a cat and the baby is a dog.

5th rule:

You must kill either one of them.

6th day:

While you are playing with the girl in the park, you will see an airship about to take off.

6th rule:

Make sure you get on the airship in time.

7th day:

The airship is full of people who, just like you, have heard this story.

7th rule:

Find a seat for yourself at any cost.

8th day:

After some time, red roses and black roses start raining down you.

8th rule:

Throw out only the black roses from the airship.

9th day:

The airship takes you back to the park.

9th rule:

Go home with the girl and lie down in the bed again.

The 10th day:

You will not know what happens on the 10th day unless you have observed all of the rules from the previous days. You should also tell this story to someone while you are awake, otherwise you will go back to the 1st day of the dream.

Sweet dreams.


Which urban legend was the most creepiest to you?

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