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Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2015 hosted by Lucasfilm
Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2015 hosted by Lucasfilm

Among all the Star Wars hype that dropped at Celebration, the Fan Film Awards showcased some remarkable work from several talented filmmakers. One of whom was Jared Seaich, who created an amazing short based on a beloved classic video game. That's right kiddies, Knights of the Old Republic now has it's own live-action short film, for our nerdy amusement.

Taking home the statue for "Best Visual Effects," 'Broken Souls' displays some truly amazing uses of the Force in combat, as expected in a Sith vs Sith showdown.

The story takes place shortly after the first Knights of the Old Republic game, however, the filmmakers took a different approach to the timeline. Previous canon (now known as Legends) proclaims Revan choosing to remain a Jedi and venturing off into space to thwart off an ancient Sith emperor. Instead, we are dropped into an alternate timeline, loosely based on the Dark Side Ending of the game. Revan reclaims his title as Dark Lord of the Sith and continues to rule the galaxy with Bastila and The Exile (Meetra Surik) by his side. Inevitably, Revan must later face the "Lord of Hunger" we all know as, Darth Nihilus.

Check out the short film here. Trust us, it's epic:

The Film Festival version of the short is also available on, although it is less complete, due to festival restrictions. Still, it's quite remarkable to get anything posted on the official site by Lucasfilm! You can also check out other winners of the festival here.

Finally, you can check out the award ceremony on the official Star Wars YouTube page here!:

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