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It's Lion King vs Aladdin In This Epic Broadway Sing Off!

Most people know what hell an airport can be! From the people, to delays, to lost baggage, massive queues and all sorts of problems.

Well travellers in New York's LaGuardia Airport happen to have one of those days when their flight was delayed for 7 long hours!

In most circumstances something like that would turn into an apocalypse of angry people but luckily for everyone it turned into a battle of Broadway musical casts.

The Broadway casts of both Aladdin and The Lion King were just some of the people that were stuck in the airport for hours on end and treated everyone to an epic sing off!

took a little airport photo. Lion King Broadway and Aladdin Broadway still smiling after being stuck in the airport for 7 hours

The Broadway cast of Aladdin.
The Broadway cast of Aladdin.

First off, we have the cast of The Lion King singing the opening number from their musical, "Circle of Life," before the cast of Aladdin step it up a notch with an awesome freestyle rap before throwing it back to The Lion King cast with ''One by One'' and then ending on "Arabian Nights" by the Aladdin cast.

The Broadway cast of The Lion King.
The Broadway cast of The Lion King.

Now here it is. Check out the video in all it's glorious epicness!

One a side note; front and centre of the Aladdin cast is James Monroe Iglehart, Tony Award-winning, who also played Coriolanus Burt in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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