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Growing up, all kids love to indulge in a little bit of mischief and as they become young adults, rebellion often becomes a way to push the boundaries and express oneself.

However, while some kids misbehave on a minor level, others take the defiance of rules to the next. When it comes to the offspring of celebrities, this is very often the case - as the years fly by, these children mature surrounded by wealth, fame and power, leading many to swiftly learn that boundaries seldom exist as they plunge themselves full-throttle into the dangerous worlds of heavy partying, drugs and alcohol.

The following 11 celebrities have struggled to keep their kids under control and have had to experience a parent's worst nightmare - dealing with a problem child. Take a look!

1. Jaycee Chan

The son of martial arts superstar Jackie Chan was sentenced to 6 months in prison after being caught in a drug bust in 2015.

The young man was in the possession of 100 grams of marijuana and this is particularly ironic considering his father was named anti-drugs ambassador by the Chinese government in 2009. Ouch!

2. Cameron Douglas

Michael Douglas's son, Cameron, has been in jail since 2010 after first being convicted distributing drugs and being caught selling methamphetamine and heroin in a New York hotel room.

3. Indo Downey

Robert Downey Jr. has certainly had his fair share of problems when it comes to his son Indo over the years. Recently in 2014, he was caught with cocaine and charged for possession of a controlled substance. Understandably so, the Iron Man actor exercised his iron fist and sent the boy to rehab.

4. Marcus Jordan

Considering the cuteness overload in the picture above, it's such a shame that Michael Jordan's son's behavior went downhill in his later years. For starters, he was arrested for trying to get away from a police officer and for getting in a fight with two women.

And recently, he also posted a picture of his penis on Twitter. Nice.

5. Scout LaRue Willis

Daughter of ex-super couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Scout was arrested for providing the police with a fake ID after she was spotted with a can of open beer.

6. Weston Cage

Not only has Weston been arrested for domestic violence, but he has also been to rehab for drugs.

On hearing of his son's misdemeanors, I bet Nick Cage reacted in a similar way to the bad news as he did in many of his movie roles:

7. Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has certainly made a name for herself for being a rebel over the years. And back when she was a teen, she was arrested for assault for slapping a magazine columnist in a club in 2008.

8. Theodora Richards

Keith Richards would have not been too pleased when in 2011, his daughter was arrested for writing graffiti on a convent wall. When she was searched, she was also found to have marijuana and another illegal substance in her possession.

9. Chester Hanks

As well as battling a drug addiction since he was 16, apparently Tom Hanks's son also recently also smashed up his London hotel room, raking up £1,200 worth of damages.

10. Stephanie Bongiovi

It appears that Jon Bon had to live through a parent's worst nightmare, his child overdosing on heroine back in 2013. Speaking of the ordeal, he said:

"It was horrible, a horrible moment. It was my worst moment as a father."

The young lady was also arrested in November of the same year and charged with criminal possession of controlled substances.

11. Barbara & Jenna Bush

The twins were arrested for underage drinking, with Jenna being arrested a year later for trying to use a fake ID to buy alcohol. I bet THAT didn't go down well in the Bush household!



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