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Yesterday was the final day of filming for Mockingjay - Part 2, which also means we will never be glued to our computers again trying to get a sneak peak glimpse of photos snapped on set during filming.

Many crew members took to Twitter to express their feelings of bittersweet sorrow as they wrapped up the final week of shooting. Warning: the following Tweets will make you feel incredibly melancholy.

Director Francis Lawrence

Lawrence took to his Twitter and sadly posted this:

Which he then followed with:

Does anybody else have tears streaming down their cheeks?

Producer Nina Jacobson

Producer Jacobson Tweeted this gorgeous photo taken at sunrise.

I can just imagine how stunning the cinematography is going to be for this final film. This photo is breath-taking.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Even JLaw had a little something to say post finishing with filming yesterday. It's so sad to think there will be no more films after this.

However, both Francis Lawrence and Nina Jacobson also confirmed on their Twitters that fans will be given the gift of a trailer for Mockingjay - Part 2, and that trailer will be released as early as tomorrow! So, I suppose we can't be too sad.

I will be awaiting as patiently as I can by my computer, three finger salute ready in support of heroine Katniss. November can't come soon enough!

[Source: MTV News]


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