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The Friends cast almost looks better these days thanks to the absence of '90s highlights and velveteen suits, but there is no denying that they have all changed a lot since their fresh faces adorned almost every high school book bags and pencil case.

The lovely guys at People magazine have made some photoshop magic happen to show us just how different the Friends cast looks now, so prepare for all the nostalgic feels as we see the crew arm in arm with their former selves.

The Gals

The One Where Rachel Proved She Guzzles on the Blood of Virgins

You might have a nice girl image Jen, but I'm onto your dark anti-aging secrets!

The One With Monica's New Face

I'd never noticed how different Courtney Cox is looking these days until I saw her arm in arm with her younger self! At least she wasn't trying to squeeze herself into a prom dress like 'fat Monica!'

The One Where Phoebe and Ursula Finally Made Up!

I knew these two would work it out in the end.

The Guys

The One Where Joey Was a Silver Fox

Matt LeBlanc is still rocking his status as the cutest member of the Friends cast.

The One Where Chandler Inexplicably Loved Sweden

I have no idea why the young Matthew Perry is repping Scandinavia, but he looks pretty smug about it...

The One Where Ross Realized How Goofy That Point He Used to Do Is

We all knew years ago, David Schwimmer. Sorry.

Bonus Barrista

The One Where Gunther Was Rocking the Same Suit Jacket 20 Years Later

Gunther hasn't changed that much, and neither have his jackets!

(Source: People)


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