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I, alike nearly every other inhabitant of our little Pale Blue Dot, absolutely cannot wait to catch more glimpses of the magic that's happening over at the Captain America: Civil War set. Especially now that the movie has wrapped its period of external shooting.

But with the news that Marvel has decided to sit out this year's Comic-Con, for the first time in 9 years, naturally I was a bit worried - because nobody does Comic-Con quite like Marvel, and... what about the first reveals of footage from CA: CW?!

Enter awesome fan made content, and the leaked trailer for Civil War which sent the Internet into a bit of a frenzy recently, with its stunningly crafted cheekiness that breathed life into images leaked from the CA: CW set. Mainly concentrating on the impending battle between Crossbones and ol' Stars and Stripes himself.

Kinda like this:

Captain America vs Crossbones #captainamericacivilwar

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What's the Deal?

The video of the trailer's unveiling was created to look as if it was recorded from a Marvel expo over in India by a brave bootlegger, and is really, very well done. Honestly, I was at ends trying to figure out how they managed to get such brilliant footage of Crossbones in there already.

Frank Grillo as Crossbones
Frank Grillo as Crossbones

Despite how good the fake may be, using found footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if they had just waited a little longer into CA: CW's production, they might have been onto one of this year's greatest and most hilarious hoaxes.

Check it out for yourself:

And for those of you who are a little bit short on time, here's a tasty little...


The trailer is quite short, so this won't take up much time:

Setting the Scene

Here's Marvel Studios overlord Kevin Feige getting the audience all warm under the collar...

Military Muscle

Then the trailer opens up with this plane doing what planes do...

Weighing Up the Odds

A mysterious figure is seen as the plane's hatch opens, whilst some very heavy machinery is brought in to play. Who will protect the innocent citizens?

Enter Suits

The government are aware of the impending danger. Imagine playing Fallout 4 on those screens...


The battle begins with a collage of crazy shots and explosions. Is that an Iron foot I see?

Gladiators, Ready?

Crossbones enters Captain America's ring, but Rogers doesn't look ready to hand over his title as the "World's Greatest Champion" just yet.

Deconstructing a Great Fake

As I mentioned earlier, I was initially surprised at how they managed to get such great shots of Crossbones in action. "HOW'D THEY DO THAT?!" I wondered loudly to myself. Well, it isn't actually Crossbones in the vid (great shock I know), it's actually footage of General Wade Eiling from The CW's The Flash.

Fake Crossbones, Real Crossbones & Wade Eiling
Fake Crossbones, Real Crossbones & Wade Eiling

The armor gave it away (the circular motif on the chestpiece), but the mask was very well doctored.

And Captain America's costume is from his cinematic escapades back in 2012, as you can see by the white detailing arching across his lower shoulder.

Marvel's Avengers Cap & Trailer Cap
Marvel's Avengers Cap & Trailer Cap

He was still yet to receive his new, well swag AoU armor from Tony Stark.

All in all, I'm not tiring of brilliant fan made content that flips the Internet up on its axis and shakes. I just hope that the creators of awesome stuff like this get jobs or internships within the industry. If not, sort it out industry!

And, if you're worried about exactly when it is we may get the chance to wrap our eyes around new Captain America: Civil War footage, stay tuned and keep primed for Disney's impending D23 expo. It's gonna be a banger!

What do you think?

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