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(WARNING: This here post may contain a tiny spoiler for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Half Shell,' hence the warning. If you're actually looking forward to this movie, then roll out to another fine post on this site. But, on the off chance you may be quite the curious cat, step in brother or sister. Step in!)

TMNT 2: Half Shell news is beginning to jump out of the set like wildfire now, as the movie enters its second month of filming. And, if the rumors are to be true, it seems as if the Michael Bay produced blockbuster is set to give us cameo of utterly badass proportions. Well, maybe more of an Easter egg.

If you've ever stopped and wondered whether the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises cohabited the same universe, Half Shell is gonna confirm the hell out of your midnight ponderings, as everybody's (second) favorite Autobot Bumblebee will be screeching into... frame. Not action, or explosions. Just a simple drive-on. No fighting, just driving.

No way!
No way!

In these videos, caught by lucky onlookers and instantaneously uploaded onto Instagram, New York comes together to party in one hell of a carnival, with floats, drums, the whole shebang. Then along comes Bumblebee, or rather some person dressed up as a yellow Hummer that happens to turn into the badass bot, who rolls up to Noel Fisher's Michaelangelo and high-5s him. Now that's some heroic chivalry:

And here's Humblebee (Hum for Hummer, clever I know...) joining a parade for a little wander:

Whats bumblebee doing on #TMNT2 set lol ♥

A video posted by liya (@yodamouthliya) on

That's one of the best Transformer cosplays I've seen, what do you make of it? Plus, seeing as Bay is the main orchestrator behind the Transformers and TMNT franchises, it's no surprise to see them colliding in such a tongue in cheek manner.

Hey, we may even see all of them crossover together one day. Crazier things have happened. You never know, maybe the Turtles' truck could turn out to be an Autobot...

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