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It seems like more and more people are claiming to have captured spirits from the other side while casually snapping photographs.

I recently took a picture with a group of friends at a party, and once I checked the photo, I noticed a tiny orb floating in the air right above our heads. For those of you that don't know, the presence of an orb usually signifies the presence of a ghost.

I'd rather get an orb than an entity as sinister as some of the ones seen below. Continue and take a peak, if you dare:

1. Figure in the Mirror

While photographing furniture, an entity was caught headed up the stairs.

2. Sinister Seance Spirit

During a seance in 1933, a photographer snapped a photo and caught this demon. It is said that those who attended the seance died or committed suicide, including the medium who was found with her eyes gouged out.

3. My Darling Wife

This man lost his wife years before this picture was taken. He noticed that she had not, in fact, left his side after all.

4. Ghostly Girl

A man snapped this photo while visiting a haunted mansion in Wexford, Ireland. He believes he has captured the spirit named "Anne," a girl who was locked away once strange demonic possessions starting happening to her.

5. Hospital's Haunted Hallway

A security camera showed footage of a ghostly girl roaming the hallway.

6. There's Someone Behind You

This woman was vacationing in England. After she had this photo taken of her, she noticed a mysterious entity behind her.

7. Victorian Ghost

This ghost seen donning Victorian garb is seen wandering near a home in Barnsley, Yorkshire in England.

8. Plus One

In 1994, this group of teens celebrated a sweet sixteen. After developing photos, they noticed a covered girl in the corner. No one has any clue as to who she is.

9. Demon or Actor?

A silent film titled Return to Babylon caught many instances of demons taking over the actors' features. Apparently, actors' faces being morphed into a demons was quite common on this set.

Orbs are more than welcome to spend time floating around me if they promise to never suddenly appear in a more aggressive form.

I would probably have a heart attack should I find a ghostly figure eerily wandering behind me in a photograph.

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