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Despite Legally Blonde having been released over 14 years ago, there are definitely some life lessons the film taught us that we'll never forget: never wash your hair less than 24 hours after getting a perm, it's impossible to use a half-loop stitch on low-viscosity rayon, and finally, when in doubt always, always bend and snap. And it was this last point that Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon has perfectly recreated when she hosted the annual shareholder meeting for Walmart.

While on stage at the meeting, Witherspoon whipped out the classic 'bend and snap,' but this time she updated it with a 2015 twist for Walmart employees by adding a third instruction, dubbing it the "Bend, Snap and Stock!"

Check out the short video of Reese teaching the moves to a Walmart employee, proving once and for all that she will always carry a piece of Elle Woods in her heart:

Damn, 14 years later and she totally nailed it! Not to mention that I don't need a scented resume to know that that Walmart employee is beyond skilled at the "Bend, Snap and Stock." However, I don't know exactly how effective the move would actually be when restocking shelves, but then again it does have a 98% success rate of getting a man's attention, so I'm willing to be proved wrong!

Of course a 20 second snippet can never compare to the glory of the original "Bend and Snap" from the film, which was perfection in itself, take a look below:

Oh Elle Woods, you are my spirit animal.

Source: MTV


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