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Jennifer Lopez has one of the most legendary booties in the game, and the same body part that is partly responsible for her fame and notoriety could be what's getting her in trouble. She was shaking it, apparently, too hard for Moroccan TV - of course, a country with more traditional views on what is okay to broadcast to their citizens' homes.

Here is the TMZ report:

"Jennifer Lopez shook her legendary ass so hard, she damn near started a revolution in the streets of Morocco … if you buy the new lawsuit she’s facing.

J.Lo performed in the north African nation on May 29, and it was broadcast on public TV. The concert featured all the hallmarks of what we’d call a typical J.Lo show — sexy dancing, skimpy outfits, appropriate emphasis on her ass … and her dancers’ asses."

So, what's completely standard for MTV and other American networks apparently didn't fly in Morocco.

TMZ added:

"Problem is … according to this lawsuit, all those things have no business airing on Moroccan TV. The suit was filed by an education group which says Ms. Lopez 'disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.'"

If convicted (which hopefully won't happen... but it could) she could face up to 2 years in prison. She would truly be able to claim "Jenny From the C-Block" if that actually went down.

If you saw the movie The Boy Next Door you know that J-Lo is no stranger to getting herself in trouble just based on being hot. Except, rather than the authorities, it was from a delusional and psychopathic teenager.

Poor Jenny!

So, yeah, Iggy, that thing you're pointing at is dangerous. This trend of big booties isn't going to fly everywhere on this planet. Not sure why; it seems harmless. But yeah, I guess the moral of the story is to keep control of the junk in your trunk if you don't want to end up behind bars in Morocco.

For some reason, I have a feeling that Miley Cyrus wouldn't be super welcome down there either.

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