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Now, as all X-Men fans will know from past endless-friend-arguing experience, there aren't too many things more contentious than a heroes hairstyle.

Whether its whether or not Rogue should have short hair or long, whether anyone should ever have allowed Longshot to have had that mullet, or just what the hell was going on with Kitty Pryde's hair for most of the '80s and '90s, there's rarely a hero's hair that doesn't inspire friendship-threatening disagreement.

There's no haircut about which that is more true, however, than Storm and her iconic mohawk. First appearing in 1983's Uncanny X-Men #173, the look was beloved by many fans - and hated by just as many others.

Love it or hate it, though:

It Looks as Though Storm's Mohawk Is Coming to X-Men: Apocalypse

Yup - that's right, it seems that Alexandra Shipp - who'll be playing Storm in the increasingly imminent X-Men: Apocalypse - may well be rocking the classic Mohawk look in the movie - or, at least, that's what this recent Instagram post from director Bryan Singer seems to suggest:

After all, Shipp (over on the right) has, up till now, only been seen with a hat carefully obscuring her hair - which had, inevitably, already led to talk of her iconic Mohawk making an appearance.

The fact that she's completely shaved her head might, of course, suggest that such hopes are likely futile - but considering the practical requirements of modern blockbuster film-making (and the comic-books from which the movie is drawing inspiration) that seems relatively unlikely.


Shipp Has Most Likely Shaved Her Head to Better Fit a Wig...or Two

The problem with shaving your head into a mohawk, y'see, is that if there are any scenes later in filming - or, crucially, during pick-ups a few months later - that require a different hair-length, then it's a complete bastard to get your hair to look right.

Shave the whole thing off, though - and then use a variety of wigs for whichever (in this case dyed white) haircut is required, and you save a whole lot of time, energy and continuity concerns.

Of course:

It's Also Possible That We'll See a Bald Storm in the Movie

We did, after all, see Storm with a clean-shaven head for a few issues back in the early '90s, with the events of the X-Tinction Agenda crossover removing her hair, and leading to a period of her having shorter hair as it grew back.

The odds of that, though - with her longer hair having soon returned in the comics - seem fairly slim.

Especially since not only did Storm's longer classic hair...

...give way to that iconic Mohawk...

...but her more modern, '90s haircut...

...has also, in the past few years, once again transitioned into a Mohawk... the movie every incentive to keep things simultaneously classic and present day by giving Shipp a similar look.

The big question, though?


Will we actually see Storm rock a Mohawk in X-Men: Apocalypse?



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