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When you have been good at what you do for a long time, you do not only deserve to be proud, you also have earned the right to brag about it or to "swag it out". There is a difference between "being good" and "being the best"; and for almost 25 years, Jim Lee has not only showed his best moves, he has been a killer on the dance floor!

Batman Hush unwrapped at first glance, might seem bare bones and unattractive. Stripped down of color and inking, it lays completely naked for your eyes to see. A treasure full of richness and well orchestrated balance in anatomy and form. Like time standing still, you are trapped inside the mind of an artist in total control of his work. A rare achievement that does not come easily.

Here it is, the video review of Batman Hush Unwrapped. Jim Lee is not only showing you his trade secrets, he is also taking you on a trip of a lifetime to Gotham City from all places. Are you ready to take the plunge? I know you want to.


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