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Not all of us agree with the formula that Marvel has for their films, and as such, we're allowed to voice our opinions towards the multi-million dollar company. But attacking the company, and it's many loyal fans, is not the way to go.

Unfortunately, no one told Uwe Boll that.

Uwe Boll is known for his many videogame-to-film adaptions, including House of the Dead, the BloodRayne film franchise, Far Cry and Postal.

Speaking of "postal", Uwe went just that in a controversial viral video, when his crowdfunding campaign for Rampage 3 was less than successful. In it, he attacks moviegoers, actors, Marvel, and even Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) himself.

You can watch the video below. Warning: it contains a ton of profanity:

Listen, Uwe Boll, we all have our opinions on Hollywood, its actors and what makes a movie truly art, and like I said, we all have the right to speak out, and tell the world what we think about a subject.

But attacking those people, and their careers in a near five minute long rant simply because your movie kickstarter wasn't a success is not the way to go about it; at all. I'm sorry your movie didn't get made, but attacking the success of others isn't going to bring it to life.

And that quote you referenced at the end of the video? The one from Rampage? Yeah...probably not the best quote to say if you're trying to get a sequel made...or at any situation.

What do you guys think of Uwe Boll's rant? Tell me in the comments below.

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