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This morning, my word associations for the word 'doll' centred around harmless fluff like 'tea party,' 'cherub,' and 'blonde,' but this website has changed all of that with one soulless glance.

Babies On The Other Side is a showcase of all manner of supernatural sprogs who would make you soil yourself if they peered out of a baby carriage and below are the most sick of the litter.

Beatle Mania

"She loves you, NO. NO. NO."


From the blood spatters on his legs, I'm guessing this cheeky chappy is up for adoption after murdering his parents. Just darling.

Cheer Up Love, it Might Never Happen

Cheerful Clarissa has always had such a bubbly personality.

Twisted Sisters

They don't play well with others...

Things That Go CRUNCH in the Night

I'm guessing this one was never breastfed. Can't think of a reason why.

That Annabelle Bitch Has Nothing On Me

I don't know what she's so happy about, but, I'm sure it would make me faint with terror if I saw it.

Cradle Snap

If those are milk teeth, I'm not going to hang around to see the adult set of jugular gnashers.

Jus' Lookin'!

If you saw this on the baby monitor, you would definitely need to change your sheets.

Sugar and Smite

She's casting a spell so your toast always lands butter side down. HEATHEN!

Color Coordinated Chills

The eyes are the window to the soul...

12 Pints of Fear: The Morning After

I can handle this one. It just looks like me with a hangover, to be honest.

I hate to steal this undead nursery's thunder, but they still haven't shook me up like the unintentionally chilling doll below:

Oh well, it's good to have something to aspire to, right?


Would you adopt any of these creepy undead babies?

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