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I'm a huge fan of traveling, but the idea of being stuck in an airport for hours when my flight has been delayed stresses me out. That was the situation for those trapped in their airport terminal for six hours due to bad weather.

Lucky for these would-be passengers, what could have been a huge damper on a vacation turned into a show when a star-studded sing-off erupted between the touring casts of The Lion King and Aladdin. While you might think the two casts would be fierce competitors, it was nothing but smiles and laughs when the two came head-to-head.

You might think you know Disney songs, but you haven't heard "Circle of Life" or "Arabian Nights" until you've heard entirely impromptu and a capella versions of them in an airport. Check out the video below for the full experience:

Being trapped in an airport for a while doesn't sound too bad if you have some live Broadway-quality background music to help the time fly as quickly as a magic carpet!

Whether you prefer Africa or Agrabah, in the end it was nothing but love between these casts. In true Disney fashion, it really brightened the days of the people around them.

I don't know about you, but now I'm inspired to buy some tickets for the next Disney musical that comes into town.

(Via: YouTube, Hellou)


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