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Last week, the American woman who was mauled to death by a lioness in South Africa was identified as special effects editor Katherine Chappell, but innocent bystanders who witnessed the life-scarring event are coming forward with even more chilling information.

Ben Govender, a 38-year-old South African local who was unlucky enough to be in the car behind Chappell, captured a still image of the second the lioness struck, and delivered even more horrifying facts about the attack.

The moment before the lioness struck out
The moment before the lioness struck out

The highly traumatized fellow Lion Park visitor, who has been offered counseling for what he saw, told the press that:

"It was terrifying. After the first bite the lioness retreated from the car with blood ­dripping from her mouth and paw. We all thought she was done and didn’t like what she’d just bitten. But like someone in a temper that wasn’t ­satisfied in a fight, she leaped back into the car and mauled the passenger.

The rangers came running in and the two lions ran off but the lioness had half the passenger’s shoulder in her mouth and it was too late to do anything to save her."

Govender also told the press that the Lion Park's reported delay in calling an ambulance was not directly to blame for Chappell's death because:

"Her face was torn apart, the right side of her chest was gone. Nothing could have been done to save that woman."

Mercifully, according to local police officers, the sheer strength of the lionesses blows meant that Chappell died almost immediately.

Chappell loved animals
Chappell loved animals

The attack that killed Katherine Chappell was the third in just four months at Lion Park which boasts of "super close-up views" of the deadly predators on its website.

Chappell, who worked on hits such as Game of Thrones and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will be laid to rest in her native Rye, New York tomorrow.

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