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They say that pain is beauty, and this new beauty procedure is about to make you squirm in your seat more than just a little.

This is about to take the Vampire trend to the extreme! And it won't be suitable for the faint hearted as it involves needles full of your own blood, which is then injected into your, you know, special parts. Why anyone would want a needle there by choice is beyond me!

Does anyone remember Kim Kardashian grossing everyone out when she posted a selfie of herself after having a 'dracula facial'?!

That looks so painful! Imagine that, but down there! Makes me feel a bit dizzy.

For $1,200 you can have the Rejuvula treatment, which boosts collagen production. It puts "platelet rich plasma" into vaginal tissue and claims to tighten and "rejuvenate" the vagina, promising increased sensation, stronger and more frequent orgasms and a boosted libido.

Does it actually work?

But does it work? A 53-year-old woman, who remained nameless, has nothing but good things to say about the treatment:

‘It completely changed my world. I’m getting married in a couple of months and decided to have the treatment as a special treat for my husband to be.

This is my second marriage, and I want my sex life with my new husband to be as exciting as if we’d met in our 20s.

But the fact is I’ve had three kids since then, and things down there are not quite as they used to be.

I started to notice some changes in sensations on my way home but the next morning it was heightened and sex was amazing.”

She seems like one happy customer.

You have to top it up every year, and at the moment it's only available in the London and Ireland, in the clinics of Dr. Daniel Sister and medical aesthetic nurse Claudia McCloin.

So it looks like you might have quite a bit to save for a vamped up vampire vagina!

source: outragepost


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