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Gustavo Guardado

Shamylan ruined, butchered and decimated what should have been the beginning of an incredible trilogy the likes of Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings. There is absolutely no way he can turn this around and blame fans.

Note, I understand that certain elements need to be adjusted to fit the silver screen, but Shamylan ignored key elements. For example, Aang's encounter with the forest spirit which leads to him meeting Roku. How do you leave a key character like that out of the film.

The casting was so off. Ethnically, the cultures were completely different from what was depicted in the show. Uncle Iro, Zuko, Kitara...they were all wrong. I don't know if the creators of the show had any say in the casting process, but they should have intervened.

I'm not stating anything new. For the issues I'm complaining about, there are hundreds more fans around the world have already brought to light and Megan Fox is not one of them.

Shaymalan should be lynched and burned at the stake for the atrocity that this film truly is. Man up and take responsibility for your disaster. I predicted the film would flop right after they announced you were directing the film. And like an idiot, hoping that the film would bear some resemblance in essence to the show, it feel horribly short and I left the theater disgusted and disappointed.

I am hoping against hope that Nickelodeon will one day reboot this franchise for film with a director that knows how to make a blockbuster. If I had my wish, I'd pick Guillermo Del Toro who brought us films like Hell Boy, Hell Boy II: The Golden Army and Pacific Rim.

So to conclude...M. Night Shamylan... In the words of a great Spartan King, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" Insert Spartan kick here.


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