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Jordan Owen

First of all I will go on record saying that I am absolutely looking forward to this! I have absolutely no doubt that'll be awesome and that brother Anthony and Joe Russo will deliver a spectacle in Marvel film making.

Yet, I do however wonder how they can get produce a Captain America Standalone, there are multiple characters from the Avengers that I would've thought would detract from this being a true Captain America film. Such characters include Ironman, Hawkeye, War Machine, Antman, Vision, Black Widow, Falcon, Thunderbolt among others, oh and Black Panther.

Whilst I can understand the inclusion of the Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Widow and Crossbones, I just wonder how it is possible to include that many characters, each requiring their own moments, when it just seems there will be less and less time for Captain America himself.

As I understand it Civil War is known for its many characters, I'm not a comic reader so I don't know entirely how the Civil War story was originally told, but it seems to me that they could've done it as Marvel's Civil War and then kept a Captain America standalone separate. I'm a big fan of Captain America so for me I would like to see more of him, particularly where we have a true and awesome film where the Cap doesn't need to much help from other Avengers, sort of like Captain America Winter Soldier where for me that was how a Captain America film should've been done. I'm not sure about you guys, but another Captain America standalone would make-up for the somewhat mixed reviews of the first film, the First Avengers.

I do however absolutely love that all of the Captain America: Winter actors have returned (Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Widow, Crossbones and Peggy and Sharon Carter), bar Nick Fury's apparent absence. I am also over the moon that Vision, played by the brilliant Paul Bettany, Scarlet Witch and Thunderbolt and Antman have also joined the action. The former two especially given that they will form links from the Incredible Hulk, and Ironman two in the form of the older Howard Stark's appearance from Antman. The appearance of Thunderbolt may lead to the inclusion of the Red Hulk, which would in term lead to another potential Hulk standalone film, its all just so exciting!

What d'you guys think? Who are your favourite characters so far? Do you agree that maybe a Captain America standalone should perhaps be separate from the Civil War storyline? Can you see any issues that may arise with the inclusion of so many characters?

P.S again I haven't read the Civil War storyline, so no spoilers! I'm saving my excitement!)


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