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Matt Damon is out of this world in this brand new trailer for The Martian.

Interstellar adventure is back in this tale of human survival. Alone and presumed dead, Matt Damon must find the will survive in Ridley Scott's out of this world epic, The Martian.

The Martian stars Matt Damon as a NASA botanist, When a mission is aborted and the order given to abandon the planet, Damon (Mark Watney) is caught by debris and swept away from his crew members. Presumed dead NASA and his crew are unaware of Damon's now overwhelmingly tragic position.

Crew Fact Video

Before we get to the trailer, let me, let Matt Damon himself introduce you to Watney's crew on the Hermies. The Martian will star Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain and Donald Glover. This space epic shows all the promise that you would come to expect from a Ridley Scott space epic.

The First Trailer for The Martian

In the face of overwhelming odds, a man can either roll over and die or stand up and fight for survival.

Damon must "Science the shit"out of this situation to survive. - Take a look at the very first trailer for The Martian. The Martian is based on a book by author Andy Weir of the same name and is directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner).

What did you think? Y'know, I always thought that Matt Damon was like a Streisand, but he's rocking the shit in this one! - The Martian will hit cinemas November 25th.

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