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Éirinn Vance Robertson

The anthology series 'American Horror Story' written by Ryan Murphy and brad falchuk is full of evil and messed up characters and storylines. However many of these 'bad guys' are very misunderstood.


5. Dandy Mott.

Okay before any hassle yes, he was just a spoiled little rich boy however I feel like he was completely misunderstood. Not only did he get what he deserved and paid the price but it was not completely his fault. Many things could add up to his behaviour problems like the fact that he is the product of incest. His mother Gloria Mott's long history of inbreeding could have possibly given Dandy a psychological problem. If that wasn't it then It was probably the fact that his father committed suicide in the garden, hanging himself from a tree. Maybe the problem was even the fact that his mother 'babied' him too much, she never let him grow up so when things didn't go his way he took a temper tantrum like any normal child would do. Although they wouldn't go killing their maid or a local freak show.

Its not that I am saying he was right to do those things but it wasn't completely his fault either and we should try an remember that. This is why I believe Dandy is misunderstood.

4. Delphine LaLaurie.

Sure she's a racist and killed lots of people but she did slowly start to change right up until she was betrayed.

Delphine is completely sadistic however I did feel bad for her when her daughters came back as zombies and paid her a visit on the Halloween episodes. As soon as Fiona ordered her to become slave to Queenie I felt she started to change, she started to realise no matter what race or skin colour everyone is the same, and should be given the same chance. However when Queenie give her to Marie in exchange to become one of the voodoo she went straight back to her old ways, killing black people for no apparent reason except from their race. I think it was unfair when Papa Legba forced her into eternity with her arch enemy torturing her daughters, this was so unfair on both parts. Marie only hated Delphine not her children. Also it was a different time back then everyone hated everyone unless they were white or heterosexual. It was what she was taught to do.

I still don't agree with the fact that she killed many black people because of their skin colour there is no excuse for racism or murder. However she was slightly misunderstood I felt that if she wasn't betrayed she would have been a much nicer person.

3. Twisty the Clown.

Twisty is hard to think about because in the one hand yeah he did kidnap people and kill many but on the other hand he seemed to think that the people would like to come and live with a psychotic clown?

Okay, first things first Twisty seemed to think he had a reason to kill people. He thought that if he killed that little boy's family and that young woman's boyfriend then they might want to live with him... I don't think he thought that through. Also in the Halloween episode it explained his past and also explained why he started to kill. His career was destroyed because the 'freaks' called him a pedophile for loving his job as working as a clown and with children. He knew that's not he was doing he just loved making children smile and when he lost his job he wanted to kill himself so when he failed to do so he must have lost the sadness and left was just pure revenge. Also when he kidnapped those people he thought if he played with them they would be happy however that didn't quite go to plan. I think he was just very lonely and seeked comfort or some companionship.

Altogether I feel Twisty was misunderstood because he was unhappy and seeked wrong action and he paid for that when he was taken by Mordrake in the Halloween episodes.

2. Dr. Oliver Thredson.

Season two bad guy Oliver was a psychopathic, necrophilic and rapist who liked making women into bowls or lamps however he wouldn't be this way if he didn't grow up in bad orphanages or was bullied by his peers in school. If his mother didn't leave him then he would possibly be slightly more normal. No I don't agree with necrophilism or murder but I think he was portayed badly. Yes he was crazy but I feel that if Lana didn't shoot him he would have been a great dad because of what had happened to him as a young boy. I felt that he just needed a mother figure in his life and he would have been a great guy

1. Tate Langdon.

Finally our count down is at number one!

Tate Langdon is probably the most memorible character from season one 'murder house'.

Yes he raped Vivian, he killed fifteen students, yes he killed Chad and Patrick and yes he ruined Violets life and her family but again Tate was a schizophrenic and completely misunderstood. Not only this but his father 'ran away' as Constance would put it but his brother was killed and he hates both his mother and his ex stepdad. Tate wasn't quite the son she wanted. Constance was an alcoholic and the only mother he had truly known was a woman who had died many, many years before he had even been born and was a ghost. Tate also loved Violet, he loved her.

No I don't agree with murder, rape, necrophilism or kidnap but still some of these characters were misunderstood. If you don't agree or feel other should be on this list then comment below. This is my first article, I hope you enjoyed this.


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